Fashion For Overweight Women Over 50

Fashion For Overweight Women Over 50When the women enter the age of 50 then she becomes quite worried about what to wear and what kind of fashion tips to follow as she wants to look fashionable but little confused on what should be the right thing for her age. So even if you have gained weight on entering in your 50’s, you can still look fashionable. You just need an updating of your wardrobe and need some clothes that fit you properly.

The main thing that any fashion expert will recommend you is that wearing clothes that are made for youth will not make you look younger girl. But you can always look good with some additions and deletions in your wardrobe. You should feel comfortable in whatever you wear and it should be elegant. Check out the tips on fashion for overweight women over 50:

Fashion For Plus Size Women Over 50

Professional Fashion Tips

Now days the workplace is becoming casual and to be honest, it would be difficult to tell what is the most appropriate outfit for the workplace.

The female professionals over 50 should wear suits with mix and match in blazer and trousers. Layering can also be done as per your office dress code. But overweight women should not wear too tight or too loose clothes in the office. Accessories can be used to look chic , so expand your wardrobe with accessories as well.

Some of the must have are a crisp white shirt, pants with stretch of color like black, navy, gray and khaki and a leather jacket. Avoid matching your shoes with your handbag.

Casual Fashion Tips

When it comes to casual dress for women over 50 then it is one of the most difficult thing as there are two types of women: Those who dress like a 20 year old girl and some who keep on wearing the stuff they have in their 30s. Now it is you who have to make a decision on casual dresses.

One important thing is to have jeans in your wardrobe. You can buy jeans for overweight women as now manufacturers are making jeans for every body type and it will give you the best fit as per your body shape. A well-fitted jean is an investment so always buys your jeans by giving time and trying different sizes and styles to get the best fit jeans.

Some of the things that should be taken care by overweight females over 50 are that they should make sure that the rise from the crotch to the waistband should be above the low rise teenage cut and below the high rise mom jean cut. It should not have any holes, embellishments and embroidery. Color choice must be between dark wash or blue.

Evening Fashion Tips

You can always wear dresses in evening parties but due as you are overweight then it is better to wear dresses that are tailored as per your body contours. Dress lengths for overweight women over 5 should be floor length or knee length as short dresses are meant for younger generation only.

Always wear a dress that complements your body and wear it with elegant jewelry, footwear and a stylish evening bag. Keep a dress ready in your wardrobe that you can wear in evening parties as you need to wear a dress made for you so that it will hide the irregularities of your body.

Hairs and Makeup Tips

Choose a hairstyle that suits your face cut. Accentuate your eyes but without over boarding them. Hair coloring is a good idea but choose a color that is lighter than the natural base color of your hair as t lightens the face and hides wrinkles. Long, shiny hair with bangs gives a sophisticated looks. Keep the makeup simple and subtle.