Excellent Hair Styles Not Requiring Cutting

How To Change Your Hair Style Without Cutting Your HairWant to change your hairstyle without the risk of cutting? Well here are a few safe ideas you can try without letting a pair of scissors near your precious locks. One of the easiest things to do which brings instant volume to your hair and a brand new look, is changing from a middle straight part or no part, to a low side part. An instant Catherine Zeta-Jones looks.

The first step is to decide which side to part, the right or left?This is done by pulling your hair into a ponytail and taking a close look at your face. Upon close examination, one of your eyes may seem smaller, that’s the side you want to put the part on.  To add a little trendy edge you can add a zig-zag to the part by using a rat-tail comb or running your finger in a zig-zag pattern stating from your forehead all the way to the crown.

Another good option is to add scrunch to your otherwise straight shoulder length hair.  You start by brushing your hair while wet and apply moose or gel generously to the full length of your hair. Next, turn your head upside down and grab a handful of hair and squeeze. Blow dry your hair as you continue to scrunch. Continue until you have finished the process with your whole head. Finish off by applying heavy hairspray. Don’t forget to shampoo afterwards, to get rid of excessive hair products in order to protect your hair.

Another cool look is to give the impression of grown-out bangs. Start by parting the hair on the side, then sweep the front portion across your forehead, and finish off by tucking the ends of your hair behind the ear, or pinning it behind the ear on the opposite side of the part.

Lastly you can try bangs, as they have the ability to transform instantly. You have to decide which ones will suit the shape of your face, and you don’t even need a cut, simply buy the fake ones and clip them on. Select from the natural hair bangs and then have them trimmed by your hairstylist to suit the shape of your face perfectly.