Epson offers DC-11 Document Camera

Epson DC-11 Document Camera Epson America offers the DC-11 document camera which isdesigned to help K-12 classrooms to help a dynamic learning atmosphere. Which facilitates the display of text books, 3D objects and experiments allows other interesting attractive lessons, DC-11 document camera with a series of features focusing on classes, including huge quality images and user-friendly connectivity features.

Epson DC-11 document camera, including five-mega pixel sensor, video and 30 frames, 10x digital zooms each second at full resolution for stunning picture performance and quality. With the arrest of a large area, the DC-11 document camera can display up to two complete pages with detail and clarity. Using the handy built-in software and microphone, DC-11 document camera allows tutors to very easily record video and audio to catching the lessons in the classroom & student presentations which may be very easily uploaded to the web site for students who not attend the classes or missed classes from any reason or if you take classes away.

The device comes with a five Mega Pixel Sensor, there is a 10-x digital display zoom plus it is also capable of viewing 30fps videos at complete resolution for stunning image quality. It may demonstrate equal to two full pages through fact and lucidity plus there is a built–in microscope adapter additionally. The DC-11 document camera that permit the tutor to record video and audio to capture space lessons and student presentations, will prove to be successful with its functions, which can be very easily uploaded to web sites for students who not attend the classes or are take the class away.

Epson understands education and the challenges faced in the classroom, and designed the DC-11 document camera as an easy-to-use tool that permits tutors to best engage display learners. The DC-11 document camera represents our very innovative DC-11 document camera, providing a host of functions that will permits educators to good capture make and share content.

Epson DC-11 document camera is now available for $499 at the end of September 2010, which will probably create it quite attractive and admirable to the target segment.