Enhancing Your Look with the Short Wavy Hairstyle

Many women often find themselves spotting the right hair style but, unfortunately, for the wrong face. However, there are hardly any reasons to heap the blame on them. Few people have mastered the art of choosing the perfect hairstyle for a certain shape of the face. At best, most of them settle for a particular style just because it looks good on others and they don’t find any reason why it wouldn’t on them. Sometimes, not having the right person style their hair or even not using the best hair clippers, leads to miserable results. In the end, they end pulling a ridiculous appearance or at least, do not look as gorgeous as they had set out to. If you desire to make a statement with your hairstyle, a few tips would do you good.

Before going for any hairstyle, ensure that you know the type of your hair. Some of the attributes to consider include its shape. It can be curly, wavy or straight. The texture is another thing to take into account. It can be fine, medium or coarse. Finally, know the flow or shape of your hair. The best way to determine this is to look at its natural behaviour. In other, words let your hair take a natural flow.

Next, figure out the shape of your face; as mentioned earlier, this is extremely important. Some hairstyle will just look odd on certain face shapes. Determine whether your face is oval, round, oblong, square, triangle, diamond or heart. Only then can you know the right way to style your hair.

With all said and done, short wavy hairstyles have been credited with bringing out some of the most stunning looks on women. The good thing about them is the fact that there is a hairstyle for every kind of face. You just need to pick just the right one for your face.

  1. The Pixie

The pixie hairstyle has been around for many years without losing an iota of its trendiness. Usually, the layer on the top is shorter. You, however, win yourself more freedom to style it as you want when you allow a longer layer. This includes making a straight middle parting or a side part as well as curling it to create a wave.

Suitable Face Shapes

One of the main reasons for the ever-rising popularity of the pixie hairstyle is its ability to bring an awesome look on almost every kind of face shape. They include heart, square and oval. If you have a round face, nevertheless, you win a few more points than others. The hairstyle will help soften the roundness since it comes with angles.

  1. The Pixie with Bangs

If you are not content with a pixie, you can enhance it with bangs. You only need to ensure that they are thick and swept to the sides and you will have with you a completely different hairstyle. Remember that there is no particular hair colour or even age for this hairstyle. In addition, you can style it any way you want, especially when you want to come up with a new look for a special event. While it is a great pick for many of the hair textures, it has an excellent affinity with wavy hair.

Suitable Face Shapes

Like the pixie, this hairstyle will create a great look with any face shape. However, you are luckier than the rest if you have a long shape.

  1. The Sleek Bob

Unlike many other hairstyles, the sleek bob is just right for everyone with short hair. You only need to ensure that it falls just a little under the chin. In the end, you will be able to soften your jaw-line. In addition, your eyes will draw attention courtesy of the long bangs. Patting on the side will bring more volume to your hair.

Suitable Face Shapes

As mentioned earlier, the sleek bob is suitable for every face. Short hair will, nonetheless, need more maintenance in terms of trimming, which means more money spent. If you want to cut on the costs of visit to the salon, make it longer.

  1. The Shaggy Long Bob

This hairstyle has won the hearts of many people including celebrities. One of the best qualities of the hairstyle is the choppy ends. It is especially a favourite for women with hair that waves naturally.

Suitable Face Shapes

This hairstyle is suitable for all shapes of faces. Women with long faces will draw the attention of the public with every appearance, since it is never too long or short. It adds a little more body to the sides of the face and enhances it with more width than it really has. If you have a square face, you are not out of luck either particularly in softening of the edges.

  1. Go Funky

One of the most amazing qualities of the funky hairstyle is its ability to draw attention for all the right reasons. It also comes with sexiness and a show of confidence as well as a daring appearance. You only need to have the right personality for it.

Suitable Face Shape

The best face shape for the funky hairstyle is oval. Ensure, however, that you pick a seasoned stylist since the edgy cut should be done perfectly in order to look good when viewed from all angles.

  1. Classic Bob

The classic bob falls just at the chin. One of the several reasons for its recommendation is its ability to slim the face. Further, it comes with a little bit of distraction. It’s perfect for women with a long neck since it tends to emphasize it.

Suitable Face Shape

There is a misconception which urges round-faced women to stay away from the classic bob. Nevertheless, it is nothing else but just that – a misconception. While it may make a round face look even rounder, the fact is that you have all the chances of appearing astounding when wearing it. You can certainly hide the roundness of your face by making a middle parting of your hair, thus letting it fall on the sides.

A long face is also suitable for this style. It has the ability to shorten it. You only need to play up your waves. The classic bob works with every texture of the hair and you can make it as wavy as you like.

  1. Bangs

If you want to look younger than you really are, try bangs.  You don’t have to worry about the kind of bang to spot. You are guaranteed that you will get a stupendous appearance, whichever style you choose. You can sweep them to the sides or even adopt blunt bangs. You can also go thick or use just a few wisps.

Suitable Face Shape

If you have a long face, this is the kind of style to go for. This is especially so because it can effortlessly downplay the high forehead. The best way to do this is to cut the bangs into style.

  1. The Shaggy Bob

In this hairstyle, a deep parting at the side allows the volume to fall to one side of the head. Even with its shagginess, there is an obvious touch of style especially with the bangs which succeeds in drawing more than enough attention. The bangs should be put above the line of the brow. In the end, a great contrast with the rest of the hair – mostly made up of choppy shag – is achieved.

Suitable Face Shape

The shaggy bob would look good on any face. It would, however, be great on women whose faces assume a heart shape.

  1. Loose Ended

One of the easiest hairstyle to achieve, the loose ends is not any less stylish especially for blond hair. You just need to part your hair down the middle. You, however, should have just enough volume of your hair. If not, a thickening gel applied over hairspray when still wet will perform the trick. Then apply hairspray in finishing up.

Suitable Face Shape

This style is suitable for round faces. It brings the much needed angles to the appearance. Most important of all, it makes you as pretty as you can ever wish to be.

  1. A Mark of Elegance

Every woman – at least most – would like to bring out as much elegance from themselves as possible. There are few better ways than starting with your hair. You are not likely to go wrong with this style. You will need to have your hair scrunched up with a thickening gel. While the style was made for wavy hair, a curling rod would help you if it is not as wavy as required. Tousling it with a round brush and applying a shine spray will achieve the look.

Suitable Face Shape

One of the best things about this hairstyle is the fact that it can be pulled by any woman, no matter the shape of the face. In addition, the type of your hair should not stand in your way. There is, therefore, absolutely no excuse for not being elegant.

  1. Messed Up Beauty

You may not believe it, but you can manage to look messy and hot at the same time. This style is another proof of the amazing things you can do with your short wavy hair. You just need to style it in a way that produces an unkempt look. This involves scrunching up your hair while wet and applying some mousse. A round brush will help you style it to the desired waves. To complete the picture, apply some spray to make it shiny.

Suitable Face Shape

Women with oval or round faces would do fine with this style.

  1. Go Platinum

If your skin is tanned or bronze, there is no reason to overlook the platinum style. Among other amazing things, it promises a unique appearance, courtesy of its shiny and distinct look. It is more beautiful when it is done on short hair.

Suitable Face Shape

Apart from the tanned or bronze skin, platinum creates wonders with a round face. If it is small and the hair is thick, the better.

  1. Sticky Pixie

A pixie is just fine. You might, however, like to go a little further with it to enhance your look and achieve a unique style. A sticky pixie will do that for you at no much extra cost. You just need to apply gel on your hair while it is still wet before making a partition on the side. A hair clip will enable the creation of an elegant wave. Complete the look with a spray to make it shine. In the end, your pixie will have beautifully stuck to your scalp.

Suitable Face Shape

Oval and angular faces are the best bet for this hairstyle. In addition, you don’t have to possess any kind of special hair. Normal would do just fine. Even better, you don’t have to rob a bank to maintain it.

Parting Words

While it is good to be daring and experiment with as many hairstyles as possible, the truth is that some hairstyles are just not for you. That truth, however, can hardly hurt simply because there are far more hairstyles that would make you turn heads than would not be a fit for you. All what you need is to know the style that works best for you.

Remember, the shape of your face should never be forgotten when choosing the right style. Fortunately, almost every hairstyle will look good on your face as long as it styled in such a way that it hides the shortcoming and emphasizes your strong points. The texture of your hair should also not be cast out of your mind when choosing a hairstyle.  There are, for instance, many great looks that wavy hair can pull which curly hair would be dismal at.

Lastly, the kind of personality you want to display will play a great role when it comes to hairstyle choice. Some styles, for example, will make you look elegant or sophisticated while others will bring to light your wild and adventurous side. Other styles are great when you want to cut down on the cost of maintaining your hair.