Elegant Petite Dressing

Elegant Petite DressingDo not over accessorize because it takes away the elegance, can make you appear cartoony and in some cases, showy. Accessories – earrings, necklaces, rings – accentuate the final appearance but, they need to be worn in modishness.

Elegant Petite Dressing

The secret to looking good in what you wear lies in understanding your body shape. The clothes you choose should highlight your frame in an appealing, fashionable manner. Clothes that are oversize and bulky on a petite person appear heavy and cumbersome. If you have a diminutive body frame, the world of fashion has not left you out. On the contrary, with the ever changing trends, there is a clothing line designed purposely for the petite person. All the same, a few tips here and there might do well.

For a short petite person, you want to try and give the impression that you are taller than you seem. Tops or blouses that have a v-neck line create this appearance, especially if you have a slender somewhat long neck. This paired with pants that run all the way to the floor work perfectly. The pants enhance the length of your legs while the v-neck top gives directionality making you appear taller.

Clothes with stripes that run straight down are appropriate for petite dressing. They create an illusion of tallness. Avoid clothes with stripes that run horizontally. These will make you appear short and chunky.

When it comes to short skirts and dresses, wear them slightly above the knee. This not only shows off your legs, but it emphasizes on the length. If you want to wear a longer skirt or dress, look for something that goes down to your feet.

Shoes are also important. Though flat shoes are comfortable and even preferable in most wardrobe scenarios, donning a pair of heels will give an added boost to a petite person. They do not need to be too high, a couple of inches will do. A pointy toed front would be effective to make your feet seem a little bigger.

Remember, even with the fashion tips, it boils down to what looks best on you and works with your body. If these ideas do not help and you still find it hard to come up with something fitting, you can always consult with a fashion designer to have fitted clothes done or seek assistance from a professional stylist.

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