Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 50You are in your old age so you have to look even more beautiful and perfect but so many people thought differently. Here mentioned are some of the edgy hairstyles for women over 50 to make them look more youthful and beautiful. The days are gone when in your fifties you have to look like a ‘grandma’ and should be satisfied with a simple ponytail. Even you can look like wow by making your age, a combination of beauty, grace and class.

Edgy Haircuts For Women

Polished but Full Bodied Bob- This hairstyle is actually a full asymmetrical smooth bob which frames the face with delicate bangs and other marginal pieces which lighten up the face area. To get this style you have to first apply hair styling product over your hair and then hair dry them for maximum volume using a round brush. For smoothness you have to use a flat iron or can also use a large curling iron on low volume. Put through your stubborn hair without taking out the body. To make final completion, you have to use Hairspray; it will keep the style free from humidity. Remember one thing; if you take the color treatments then you have to keep the color fresh for proper scheduling. Reason is when you have dirty roots then it will make your hairstyle look cheaper.

Flirty Hair– This hairstyle is able to make you look young at heart. This style keeps super short hair in back so people who have lesser time to be ready should opt this as it needed very less maintenance. It has a little lengthy from the front and top and you can use lots of styling options for them. To style your hair you need to blow dry them for creating volume. Also, use a root boost spray with a round brush. After that with the help of flat iron smooth out the ends and the shorter length of hair helps the hair to keep its lift and the side and swept bangs makes a soft and smoother feeling. Don’t forget to use Hairspray at the end.

Sexy Pixie- Wash the hair with shampoo and blow dry them then use a styling product to make a style with fingers. It is one of the easiest styles and it needed no maintenance. It is not only perfect for 50s but ladies off at any of the age can adopt the same.

Super Fab and Chic Hair- You would get a hint that this hairstyle is made for old age ladies as the word chic is attached with that but actually the style is sweet and short. So, it needed very less maintenance and the styles can be suited to any of the facial type. To make the smoother style, you need to use a flat iron and then to shape your pieces in desires directions. When you are going to use a blow dryer, never forget to use a heat protection gel over your hair and being 50, you should be more careful.