Ear Cartilage Piercing Aftercare

Ear Cartilage Piercing AftercareThe style is what that matters for everyone in today’s time. So a good option for you is piercing of ear cartilage if you want to look stylish. You have to worn a ring after piercing and if that ring is of metal then you have to do some of the safety measures. One of the best ear cartilage piercing aftercare tips suggest you to use the best quality stud. Rest is all depends over you but still you have to take a look to the piercing aftercare. Proper care also ensures you how it would even look after years.

Why piercing aftercare is Necessary?

The skin around the pierced ear is not healed properly even after 2 months of piercing. So, it is good idea to do extra care to handle it. You will surprise to know but it is true that the piercing will not go harden till the completion of 6 months from the piercing date. So, it is necessary for you to save that area from infections done by damaged jewelry and other infections too.

Care for New Piercing

Mere doing a piercing from professional is not ends your task but actually here your task is started. You have to do some extra cares for the place and the first step which you have to take is to clean the ear cartilage two times a day. From the day of piercing the process should continue for next 3 days. You can clean it once in morning and another at night. When you are taking shower or bath then don’t forget to rinse the piercing out with running water.

Use the Chemical free Products

You have to wash the area on daily basis but remember always use the normal products as some of the cleaning agents contains the high amount of chemicals which could prove bad for health of pierced area. Always use a soft soap or a liquid anti-bacterial soap. For cleaning take a very small amount of soap in hand. Now, rub it between your hands to create foam. Now, apply this directly to the pierced area. Now, leave that for next few minutes and then wash with running water and keep the ring rotating. It would help to remove extra soap from the place. Only washing properly is not completion of your task because you have to dry that area well. For the purpose, take a dry towel and wipe the place very softly. Never wipe the place with used towel as may have some bacterial infections.

Care after 3 Days

Washing and wiping process will be the same even after 3 days of ear piercing. You have to follow the same process for next 3-4 weeks. Along with that, during the day keeps the ring rotating for some time.

After 4 Weeks

Clean the place well with anti-bacterial soap only once in 2-3 days and the process will continue for next 4 months. Overdone of anything is bad and so don’t rub or wash the place again and again to avoid infections. Also, keep the place moisturized by using natural moisturizer to the place or you can also use natural oils.