Dressing to Look Lean

Dressing to Look Lean image

Losing weight is a tedious process. But you needn’t look overweight every time you step out. The good news is that you can use your wardrobe to your advantage. All you need to do is to know how. Check out the following pointers:

The main point is that you should always buy clothes that are your size period. Anything that is tight will only reveal your flaws and anything too loose will actually make you look bigger than you actually are. This one point will dictate which clothes you should or should not buy.

So stick with loose and flowing fabrics instead of clothes that are tight and that make you feel constricted.

You should also stick with darker hues because it has been proven that darker colors like black have a slimming effect.  Using bold colors and patterns is a follow up to the above pointer.

Furthermore, go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes and try always to accentuate your good features while hiding your flaws. For this you should always try on clothes before purchasing.