Dresses That Make You Look Slim

Dresses That Make You Look SlimEverybody wants to look stunning in different types of dresses. But some people hesitate to wear dresses due to the bulkiness of their body. You should try to wear a dress that covers the parts of the body that you want to hide and gives you a proper fitting. Here you will get the ideas on the dresses that make you look slim.

To look slim, you should avoid wearing horizontal stripes and large prints as they make you look more bulky that you really are. So choose small prints and vertical line dresses to look slim. Slacks should be with permanent creases. Avoid wearing skirts or pants that have stripes or prints. In case you want to wear skirts then choose that made from textured fabrics.

The color also plays a major role in dresses that make you look slim. So you should wear Dark color clothes as they give a slimming effect. Avoid wearing faded colors. You can wear a light colored top but it should fit you perfectly with a dark color pant or jeans or skirts. If you have heavy legs then never wear hosiery tights. Also make sure that the undergarments fit you properly as bulges and creases when made by the ill fitting undergarments look unflattering.

Clothes That Make You Look Thin

Wrap Dress: Wrap dress comes mostly in knit print that is lightweight and as it wraps around the waist of one’s body leading to highlight the less bulky part of your body shape. You can give the shape of an hourglass figure by wearing a wrap dress with an A –line skirt.

Dresses with an Empire Waist: This type of dress will highlight the slimmest part of your body. It will create a line under your bust and will draw the attention of all others towards the slim part of the body. You can accessorize it with stylish jewelry to capture the attention towards it. It is better to wear a dress with an empire waist with an A-line skirt or pencil skirt that will hide the hip area.

Dresses with Ruching: Ruching is a type of fabric that helps to flatter your figure and will divert the attention from the center of the body to the narrowest part of the body. Ruching conceals the body contours in the fabric.

Sheath Dress: Sheath dress highlights the curves of the body. You can wear a sheath dress with a long jacket or coat to hide your wide lips. You can wear any color of your choice while wearing a sheath dress. So try to wear a color that will complement your color complexion. A bigger dress will make you look bigger and wider and this is a misconception that it will hide your body. Sheath dress is a perfect dress to make you look slimmer.

Choose all your clothing that will fit your waistline. In case you are not getting the right type of clothes as per your body shape then get them professionally altered according to your hips, thighs and inseam. Avoid wearing too tight or too loose clothes neck is the best option to wear for shirts, tops and sweaters for a healthy person.