Decorating Your Fish Tank

how to decorate a fish tankThe fish tank must be decorated appropriately. All fishes need a cover of 50% to 75% as less than this percentage of cover will make the fish feel like they have left their sanctuary. Keep in mind that only edges and fringe areas provide a good cover and if you will put a rock in it then it will give a small cover. If you are using a freshwater tank or hard water tank for an aquarium then you should not add real shells and coral skeletons as this material will increase the hardness of the water due to the less dissolution of these materials.

Tips on Decorating Your Fish Tank

Some of the tips that you should keep in mind while decorating an aquarium are here:

  • Always place larger plants and decorations on the back side and small decorative items at the front. The juxtaposition of decorations will help the fishes to get maximum moving space.
  • The use of tall decoration items like rocks, trees etc. will help the aquarium heaters, lift tubes, air lines to get proper space and leave adequate for the fishes.
  • Choose and keep fewer varieties of decorative as it will give a natural look to the aquarium. The fewer items must be unique.
  • Make groups of same type of plants and keep them on one side of the fish tank. To make it more appealing, give colorful or textured background to the different groups of plants.
  • Choose focal decorations or plants and keep them in a place which is off-center in the tank as if they are placed in the center then that will not look good and will decrease the look of the aquarium.
  • Give a dark color background and walls for the fish as dark color gives them a feeling that they are protected and make them comfortable. The dark color background will hide all the cords, tubes, pipes and filters that detract you from the amazing view of moving fishes in an aquarium.

The decoration of aquarium is done for viewing it so make sure that it looks beautiful and no need to add live plants as artificial plants that are long lasting will fulfill your requirement.You can add high quality artificial stones, corals, shells and artificial plants to enhance the beauty of the aquarium.

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