Cute Short Hairstyles for Women over 40

Cute Short Hairstyles for Women over 40You must have heard this that age of 40 is a new 20 and it is completely true. So, you are lucky enough that you can get back the age of 20. Here mentioned are so many sexy and glamorous cute short hairstyles for women over 40 and even older. You have vast range of hairstyle when in 40s but I suggest you have to wear what which will complement your beauty and create mature looks too.

Short Haircuts for Women Over 40

No time for Nonsense Fun Styles- You are 40 and mature enough and if you wear any funky style just to look younger than your age then it will create nonsense and you can be the matter of laugh. Think wisely and choose which appeals to you and you can also do some fun options just to enhance styling options. You can try a short beautiful style.

How to style- To wear the style first you have to blow dry your hair and using a round brush, comb well to give volume to your hair. Now, place bangs where you want them to lay. At the end, you can use medium hold hairsprays. If you are pale then you should wash your hair freshly as it will avoid creating any greasy look. To keep them looking more beautiful you can even do extra conditioning to them.

Shaggy Layered hairdo– It is one of the simplest hairdos and so take not much time for styling. It even looks great without styling. In this particular style, hair becomes longer on the top and goes shorter in the back position. When shaggy layers created it will make an appearance like a mushroom. Maintenance of the style doesn’t require too much time. So, those who don’t love to sit in front of mirror for hours should wear this as this style is for you.

How to Style- Wash your hair and blow dry it. Now, take small amount of styling product like finger style or pomade and you are ready. If your hair type is not that good then style it dry and use flat iron on low temp setting. When you run your fingers in hair then it makes the hair greasy. So, get a non-greasy look you can use a dry shampoo.

40s Bob Style- This is sleek as well as compact style and it can be adopted by the ladies who have very less time and should look presentable all the time. It goes perfect with office women. So, when you wear that style you will look wonderful and even at the time of meeting your friend you needn’t change your appearance it would then look great too. You have to just back comb your hair to add volume to hair and you are ready.

How to Style- You have to here needed a volumes mousse or a styling crème if your hair are moist. First you have to blow dry your hair upside down using a paddle brush to lessen moisture. Now, take a flat iron for smoothing the unruly strands. Make a side or center partition of your hair (choose what you like) and add the bangs for keeping the style soft and also maintains at the edge. If you love to add extra volume, then use a root boost powder and spray over the top and at the crown area. It will give you flawless look.