Cute Nicknames for Your Guy Friend

Cute Nicknames for Your Guy FriendWhen we love someone, it happens so many times that we call him with so many names but we always desire to call him with the best name. Are you looking for any special name for your boyfriend? So here mentioned are some of the cute nicknames for your guy friend. I am sure your guy will love to know the name given to him by you.

Top 10 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Handsome, Sexy and Good Looking

So, your boyfriend is really very handsome, attractive and charming then there is no problem to call him with the names like sexy, and handsome. It is helpful to light the guy’s day because it will also give him the idea how you look at him and what is your opinion about his personality.

Big Guy

You are with the man who is tall and handsome. Then you can call him big guy. It is not that bad as it appears. Actually it would be a great compliment for him. Also, it will suit the personality of your boyfriend.

Champion or Chief

Sometimes your guy asks you to do something then you can answer him by saying “Yes Chief”. He will definitely love the name. Also, it is best idea to give response to his call.

Celebrity Name

Luckily if your guy is lover of idiot box then half of your task is done. You can call him with any of the name of movie Star, superstar, hero, superman, Tarzan or any of superhero of his choice. It will also prove great because everyone wants to be a star. You can make him feel like that by just calling him with the name.

Hot chocolate, hot stuff or hot lips

If your man is dark, tall and handsome then names like hot dude, hot guy, hot stuff etc. would be the best for him. The best one is hot chocolate as every man loves to hear the same from her lady as she is becoming naughty in her words.

Any Love Name

Cuddles, Cuddly bear, honey bear or snuggle able are one of the best nicknames and also by calling him with one of them you needn’t to express your love by saying “I love you.” Your nick name is doing the same for you.


Tiger represents the strength and power. If your guy is hard core man or has muscles then it is the best name to call him. Even boys love to hear the same from his girl. It will also tell him you feel save when you are near to him because of his love and strength. If you will make your man feel important then he will be all yours.

Express your Love

Love is a thing which is must to express. There is always no need to say the three magical words as your activities can do that for you and also trying the new things will prove fun for you. You can call your guy love, honey, lover, my life, my beloved, my world, my soul mate or life mate. He will definitely understand your words along with the love hidden in them.