Cute Dresses to Wear with Converse

Cute Dresses to Wear with ConverseConverse shoes are available in so many colors and cuts that they can go with almost any wardrobe.  Now a day’s cheap sequined converse are also available in the market. Converse shoes are also very comfortable during summers, it give a cool and cute look. To wear your converse, with cute dresses try some of the following styles:

What Sort of Dresses Would Look Cute with Converse?

Miniskirts or Hot Pants: Wear your converse with hot pants or a mini skirt, with or without colored leggings for a feminine look. Match the color of the ankle length socks with the top you are wearing. You can also use a matching head gear with it.  This is a good option for parties or any other occasions when you want to look stylish and unique too.

Tunics: A mid-thigh length pleated white tunic, with stylish denim jacket is also a very cute combination with white converse sneakers. To make your dress more perfect and attractive use a straw hat as an accessory. You can also try some flowy fabrics, with floral motifs on them, for your tunic with a high converse as it will add an extra glimpse to your dress.

Denims: A converse can also be worn with a pair of skin-tight denims tucked into the high length converse sneakers, along with a bright baggies top. To make your dress and converse interesting you can try contrast colors. For example if you are wearing a black pair of denims, then go for a red converse. A layered couple pendent necklaces together in different lengths can give an elegant look. Accessories are also very important to make a dress complete, so make sure that your accessories complement your dress.

Capri and Tank Tops: Converse is always in fashion and thus can be worn with most of the dresses. A colored baby doll tank top, something that floats away from your body, with a dark washed skinny Capri will also look good. A skinny metallic belt can be accessorized with this dress.

Balloon Cut Frock: Go for a mid-thigh length balloon cut frock in any solid color, complemented with a colorful printed jacket on top of it, as this will give you a cute baby doll look. You can also wear stocking with your converse for this dress. Put a colorful printed converse matching to the jacket.

Middle Length Skirt: A long black, deep slit skirt with an animal print, combined with a layered shirt will complement your converse shoes. A white converse will do great, with a black top. A mid length asymmetric skirt with a skinny off shoulder top will also give a simple and pretty look with your converse.

Since Converses are sporty, urban shoes, the bottom of your dress should be loose or flared, giving it a playful silhouette to compliment the Converses. However with fitted bottoms it also gives a smart and cute look. Converse gives comfort to your foot. So choose your converse shoes according to your dress, as they are available in huge collection.

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