Clothing Tips For Men

Clothing Styles for MenThe word ‘Fashion‘ which earlier use to be only the women business- this concept is now changed. Men are also becoming Fashionable! All men want to be in Fashion! (Women are impressed with the men who have sense of right clothing). It’s now actually becoming very important issue for Guys! Your Clothes reflects your personality, so it has everything to do with!

But for right clothes you should have right knowledge of dressing. You should have some knowledge of dressing as u know good dressing creates everlasting impression!

You should select clothes which suits on your body.  Many people least bother about it. Buying expensive clothes doesn’t mean that it will suit on your body type. Every Individual has different body structure so there is different clothing style for everyone.

Like those who are fair in color dark colors will suit them. In Normal skin color white, blue, black etc will going to suit. Those who have darker skin, lighter shades will go with them.

Clothes should be according to the body type, otherwise too expensive you wear too cheaper you look-

For Example-

Short Waist Men should avoid wearing low waist jeans. Do not tuck your top. It will not going to suit on your personality.

For Long Waist Men things go opposite, like wear low waist jeans, tuck your top, it will look very smart.

If u want to go in more detail, then there are Four basic categories:- Formal Wear, Semi Formal Wear, Casual Wear and Business Wear. Formal Wear are those outfits which are only suitable for Formal social events like Marriage, Party etc. Black and white garments are always the standard formal social dress in almost every country. Semi-Formal dresses are actually quite different from Formal outfit. It actually includes dark suit, suit with tie. Eventually it depends upon the social class, age and location.

Business wear is actually an outfit which is neat, crisp and is appropriate for the meetings. It should not look like partyattire; it should be classic rather than trendy. The rule of dressing is very simple, u should dress according to the event, location etc., and it’s all about the right clothes in the Occasions.

So Guys I think by now u should have got clear idea as to what you should wear and what attire suits your body! So by next time when you go for shopping you should be aware what are you buying for yourself.