Clothing Styles for Short Women

Clothing Styles for Short WomenTo look fashionable, one should be of at least 5 feet with 4 inches. Now in case you are short of height then you have to be very careful while choosing your clothing. Clothing styles for short women is different from normal height females as they have to wear clothes in which they will not look too short. You will get different types of opinion on what to wear for short height but you will end up with confusion on what to wear so here are the best tips to avoid your confusion and clothing styles that will give you comfort as well.

Fashion Clothing Tips for Short Women

Uppers or Tops

The tops that you wear should be such that will highlight your body shape and will overlook the height fact. So go for tailored tops. Always go for open necklines like V-necks or scoop necks. Crewnecks and turtle necks should be avoided as they add width to your upper body and makes you look short. Do not overwhelm the frames and keep the tops simple and sober. In case you are wearing patterned tops then the size of the pattern should be in proportion to the height, select thin stripes and small polka dots instead of big flowers of tops.

Lowers or Pants

When you have to select pants then some of the tips are similar to those of tops. Pants should be tailored to show off your body contours so it is better to wear straight leg or slim boot cut style pants. Make sure that the waistband of the pants goes well across the hips as showing hips will make your hips look wider than the rest of the body. Choose from low waist pants and to make you look taller, assure that the hem of the pants capitulate near shoes without any bunches. Avoid cropped style pants. You can wear capris and shorts as well but keeping in mind the above given tips. A simple and elegant top with a pant is the best clothing style for short women.

Skirts and Dresses

Skirts should cover your knees only as very short and very long skirts and dresses will make you look short. You can get a visual elongation by showing your lower leg. In case you have to wear a long skirt, then always go for a form fitting style skirt and avoid wearing a billowy hem skirt. You have to choose your dresses very carefully as a form fitting dress with knee length is a good choice but again it depends on one’s body contours.


When you are looking for clothing styles for short women then definitely you will wear footwear with heels. Most flattering footwear option is stiletto heels but they are not recommended for daily wear due to low comfort level. Wedge heel is another good option for short women as wedge heel helps to spread the weight of the body evenly to the footwear and gives you maximum comfort. If you are not comfortable with wearing any type of heel and looking for flat shoes then do not wear shoes with ankle straps as they cut of the visuality of the lower leg length.