Clothing for Overweight Men

Clothing for Overweight MenIf you are overweight then it doesn’t mean that you can wear anything or dressed badly. Some people even think that overweight can’t look good whatever they wear. But this is wrong as the idea to look amazing is to create your own style statement. If you have a decent wardrobe then you can create good impression over others in spite of not having a good body.

Dressing Tips and Clothes for Overweight Men

Wear V neck Shirts- V necks are good to create illusion that you have a slim neckline and it is perfect option for the people having double chin. Choose the shirts that emphasis on your chest area on your neck portion. The collars of the shirt should be pointed as will drag the attention to your face. Don’t choose turtle necks as will give you a shorter and heavier look.

Wear Jackets- Usually men like to wear jackets but overweight men should take extra care while choosing the one for you. It should be right under your buttocks as if you wear a short length jacket then it will highlight your skinny legs, arms and waist and if it is long then you will look like a huge bamboo wearing clothes. Make a perfect balance.

Fabric should be Heavy- You can wear the desired clothes but the fabric should be heavy. One can choose the knitted wool cardigans. Dress in layers is good option for you. Wear dresses which fitted you properly as tight clothes can drag attention to the lumps and bumps of your body. Loose clothes are also not good one for you as it can hide the problem areas but can give you larger look.

Stand Straight- Your standing posture can create illusion of your weight. If you stand straight then you look about 8-10 pounds less than your weight. Also, you look even more confident.

Pants with Longer Edge- Long pants make you look thinner and taller. You can also wear shoes with heels of ½ to 1 inch heels to look slimmer and it is perfect combination with the lengthy trousers. Gathered and cuffs at pants are not meant for you. Choose the flat front pants as are best for you.

Choose the Suit- You are suggested to wear a single breasted suits with three buttons in place of one button. One button suit goes higher on the chest. So, wear the coat with a single back vent and it should fitted perfect at the shoulder area. Choose the medium or light weight fabric in place of bulky one. The lapels of the shirts should be narrow and plain. Also, dark colors like navy, brown, charcoal, black or gray are more slim that light gray or tan. So, go for it.

What not to Wear- During winter season don’t go for tight fitted clothes but don’t even choose the old time cardigan as it will give you a schoolboy look. You need to avoid wearing bulky blazers and chunky wool sweaters. You can wear a shirt with a V- neck sweater instead. It will also able to hide the mid-section and love handles.