Clothes For Plus Size Girls

clothes for plus size girlsWomen, all over the world want to look good, fashionable, trendy no matter what their size is. Females with slim figure go ahead wearing attires of latest trends, but girls with that plus size find it difficult to look trendy due to their ignorance about what suits them. So now leave the worries at bay, and follow what we say.

Plus size girls must keep in mind that whatever they wear, should make them look at least one size slim. So be careful regarding the fabric to be chosen, the prints to be taken, the colors and the trends to be followed and to be avoided. Regarding the fabric – flowing fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, cottons {without starch} and soft materials are what you have to look for.

Next come the patterns- small floral prints will always make you look slim in contrast to the bigger prints, that will only add to that extra bulk. Select patterns that are straight. Prefer vertical lines to horizontal or diagonals as they always make you look thin. Keep in mind, dark colors and earthen colors also help you to look thin and smart. Dark hues of blue, green , gray, black and browns look really nice.

You should always put on right fitting garment. Long tee shirts or shirts along with straight fit jeans will look cool. If you want to put on a skirt then a straight skirt paired with slightly tight fir tee shirt will make you look thin and trendy. If you want to put on that knee length party dress then match it up with pointed sandals with high heels that will make your fat feet look long and shapely and will add to your height also. Long flowing scarf with your dress will also work wonders. Accessories like a smart bag , a hat a bracelet will add to your beauty.

Always remember to avoid thick material as they will make you look more plump. Bright colors like red or orange should be avoided as they look like a moving tent. Bigger prints, zebra prints or tiger prints to head to toe will always add to your size. Try not to wear belts as they tend to show your wide waist line. So keep in mind the do’s and don’ts and feel that confidence to take the world in your stride.