Clothes for Fat Short Women

Clothes for Fat Short WomenMost of the women find it challenging to choose the best clothes that will suit their personality. This problem is more among females who are petite and fat. They are always on the lookout for the ways in which they can look tall and slim. But now dresses in every size are available with retailers. Knowing some of the dresses with tips on clothing for fat short women is discussed here. So follow them and look fabulous on any occasion.

How To Dress When You Are Overweight & Petite

Choose A-line and empire waist dresses

You should wear dresses that are A-line or empire waist as they flow all over the body and hides the imperfections of the body contours. Make sure that the dresses and skirts that you wear are above your knee as short skirts dresses give an elongated look.

Ruched tops

Ruched is a type of fabric which gives the appearance of being pulled in. So choose ruching tops with scalloped hemlines and are made from flowing material. Avoid wearing form fitting and belly baring tops.

V-necklines dresses and tops

Choose from the range of V-necklines to get the attention towards the face and not on the body. Also V-necklines gives an illusion of being tall and thin. Spaghetti straps, scooped or round necklines and shoulder-baring neck styles are other necklines that go well for fat short women. Avoid wearing cleavage showing dresses.


Nightgowns with adjustable strap are good nightwear clothing for women. The laces will help to adjust the length of the spaghetti .Short nighties are always a good choice for fat and short women as they will not look too short in them. Avoid wearing form fitting nighties.

Cropped tops

Choose tops that are tapered and cropped as taper gives the look of slim waistline and cropped length gives a taller look. Keep this thing in your mind while shopping any of your dresses and tops.

Vertical lines tops

The patterns should be of vertical lines as horizontal lines give a wide look. Also choose narrow stripes rather than the thick ones as it gives a slimmer look. Be cautious while choosing the pattern of your dresses as wide patterns give a wider look and choose small patterns on different types of dresses.

Choose from dark colors

Dark colors should be chosen as dark colors make you look taller and hide the extra flab of the body. Pair your bottoms with similar shades: Avoid wearing dark bottoms with contrasting color tops. Wear dark blue jeans with a light color top as it will give an elongated look.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a type of dress which is form fitting but not too much form fitting .This feature helps to highlight your best features and hides the other body parts that you do not want to show. In case you have a concern for your armpits then wear cap sleeve sheath dress and to hide your stomach are wearing a cardigan with it. It is best flattening clothing for fat short women.