Choose The Right Hair Color That Suits Your Overall Personality

The hair will look beautiful when they have perfect color and cut. You will find lots of people that give so much too time for their haircut but totally ignore what color of hair they should choose to give the haircut amazing look. So do not buy the first box of hair color that comes to your hand while shopping. Follow some of the tips that will help you to learn which color to buy for your hair.

How to Choose the Right Hair Colour

Complexion of the skin: The skin tone will tell you which color of hair you should go for. If you have olive skin tone then go for dark hair color and if your skin has a pinkish touch then light shades will suit your skin tone. If it looks yellowish then do not try yellow gold or orange shade.The good news for pale skin tone people is that all  hair colors  will suit them.

Observes which clothing color suits you: The hair color must take into account the color of clothes that look good on you. If red, orange, golden, green and yellow color clothes suits you then hair color should be among golden or strawberry blonde, golden brown or auburn. If it’s among red, black, blue or dark green then hair color should be platinum, ash blonde, light brown, burgundy or black. Neutral colors like sandy blonde, chocolaty brown, beige and mahogany should be used for on those who wear red, purple, gray and teal color clothes.

Eye color: Eye color affects the hair color a lot. So the hair color must be according to the color of the eyes. The people who have greenish, brownish or hazel eye color should get their hair colored in warm shades like red, golden or auburn. Cool colors like ash gray or light golden suits best on blue or gray eyed people.

After narrow downing the coloring options you must remember the golden rule which is choose that hair color which will complement your complexion. All warm or cool colors are not alike so choose a color that will best suit on your complexion. If the complexion of your skin is warm but it has a yellow undertone then do not go for golden highlights. Instead go for a rich dark color like red streaking. By doing so you can possibly reduce the yellow undertone that is coming out from your face. In the same way if your skin has a cool color but it gives a blue undertone them instead of going for brighter shades choose from dark brown or golden highlights to hide the blue undertone.