Chinese Cupping Techniques

Chinese Cupping TechniquesEvery problem has a solution. If your conventional medicines are not able to help you, then you should replace these by something more effective. Chinese cupping technique is an effective cure for many ailments. Thus, there is no harm in giving it a try. Moreover, it does not involve any surgery and drugs.

However, you should take the help of a practitioner to ensure a safe and effective cure.

What is cupping?

It is a Chinese therapy. In this technique, cups are used in which a vacuum has been created either by heating or by using a suction pump. Then this cup is inverted and placed on the body on acupuncture points or on the area which has to be treated. In order to equalize the pressure, suction is produced in the cup. The skin, blood and the superficial muscles are pulled to the surface. Thus, it helps in pulling out the body fluids and blood which are stuck in the muscles and have been the cause of pain for a long time. It helps in smoothening of tight muscles. It also promotes blood circulation.

Oils with medicinal qualities can be applied on the skin before doing cupping to enhance easy movement of the cups.

Types of cupping

Two types of cupping techniques are there which are described below:

Dry cupping

In this, a cotton ball soaked in alcohol or any other in-flammable substance is taken and placed inside the cup. When this substance burns, the air inside the cup is removed resulting in creation of a vacuum. Hence, when this cup is placed on the body, it will create suction in order to equalize the pressure.

Wet cupping

No heating of glass is done here. The glass has a valve connected to a pump which removes the air in the pump creating a vacuum. Thus, when it will be placed on the body, it will create a suction effect pulling the skin and tissues. Moreover, superficial incisions are made on the body and a little amount of blood will flow from there. It helps in removing the toxins from the body and thus, enhances healing.

The ailments which can be treated by cupping

A wide range of diseases can be treated by cupping. These include arthritis, bronchitis, gastro-intestinal disorders and asthma. Certain types of pain can also be cured.

Cupping leaves bruises on the skin which takes some time to heal. So if you are very concerned with bruises then cupping will not suit you. It should not be done on the abdomen and lower back of pregnant women. Persons who tend to bleed easily should not try this. Persons having diabetes and hemophilia should not try this. Moreover, it should not be done on people having high fever. Cupping should be done only on the fleshy areas and not on the bony areas.

Cupping provides excellent results when combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Hence, if pain is troubling you for a long time and you have not found a remedy then Chinese cupping would definitely be the best option for you.