Chinese Constipation Remedies

Chinese Constipation RemediesConstipation is a condition which involves difficulty in bowel movement. Generally, a bowel movement of less than thrice a week is identified as constipation. People who have constipation find it difficult and painful to eliminate stools which become excessively dry and hard.

Cause of constipation according to Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine the causes have been identified as follows:

Qi deficiency: People lacking qi are unable to pass bowel as they do not have enough energy in doing so. These people generally feel exhausted and break into sweating after trying to eliminate stools. They are unable to think fast. They show tiredness. Herbal remedy is good for treating it.

Heat: This condition is characterized by dry stools. In acute cases fever along with abdominal pain may occur. Persons suffering may have bad breath. Acupuncture is helpful. The herbal formula Da cheng qi teng can be used to treat it.

Qi stagnation: It is a recurring chronic problem. Sometimes, it may cause abdominal distention, a situation where the abdomen expands due to accumulation of gas and fluid. The person suffering will feel abdominal fullness. It may cause acid reflux and nausea in extreme cases. It is characterized by pellet shaped stools. The person suffers from pain in the area below the ribs. Acupuncture is good in this case.

Cold: People suffering from this feels cold and suffers from low back pain. The herbal formula Da huang fu zi tang can be used to treat it.

Blood deficiency: It is characterized by pale complexion, palpitations and dry skin. The herbal formula Run chang wan works well for this. The person suffering eliminates dry and hard stools.

Treating constipation with acupuncture

Acupuncture which is an ancient Chinese treatment technique can be used to provide relief from constipation. The acupuncture point will be on either side of the navel.  This point is called heaven’s axis and is also called as stomach 25. Generally two acupuncture treatments along with herbal laxatives are required to treat acute constipation. Acupuncture treatments aim at relaxing the colon, spleen and stomach.

Chinese home remedy for constipation

Honey tea: It is prepared by adding a table spoon of honey and 3 g of green tea leaves to hot water. Keep it aside for some time. Drink it after having meal.

Honey and sesame oil drink: It is prepared by adding a table spoon of honey and some sesame oil to hot water. Drink it after breakfast.

Senna leaf tea: Prepare it by adding 1-3 g of senna leaves to hot water. Drink it after some time. It is not recommended to have it for a long time.

Molasses drink: To a glass of warm water, add two tablespoons of molasses for adults and a tablespoon for children. Stir well and drink. Drink it twice a day.

Mulberry drink: Boil about two bowls of water. Add 60 g of ripe and fresh mulberries to it. Keep boiling the liquid till it reduces to half. Add sugar to it and the drink is ready. Drink it multiple times.

All these remedies are not only effective but are also very easy to prepare.

A healthy diet rich in fiber and low in fat is necessary to avoid constipation. Regular physical exercise is a must. Drink a lot of water. Eliminate stress from life as stress is one of the major causes of constipation.

If you want to cure constipation in a natural way the Chinese remedies will prove an excellent cure.

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