Causes and Symptoms of Stomach Infection

Stomach Infection SymptomsThere can be several reasons behind stomach infection like digestive problem or infection or virus. If the pain is due to the virus, than the most common symptoms is abdominal cramping, nausea. So to get rid of this abdominal infection it is better to know the root cause of this infection.  There is one common of infection that can lead into sudden gastric infection which includes viral infection, bacterial infection and food poisoning. This type of infection is referred as the gastrointestinal infection.

This stomach infection is highly contagious and can be cleared without having any medical treatment. The reason behind stomach infection can be due to the food poisoning, when unclean water or food is being consumed. This contamination of water and food can be due to improper storage or tainted selfish. The exact cause of stomach infection can vary according to the reasons. Person suffering from stomach infection experience various gastronomical symptoms. Person may also feel excessive salivation, nausea, heartburn etc and can cause the symptom of diarrhea and malabsorbtion of nutrients.

Some of the stomach infection can be good for digestive system but some can even cause more trouble. There are millions of bacteria which stay in our digestive systems and is said that it can be beneficial for our digestive system. But some of the bacteria which enter in our body through mouth can survive in acidic condition and cause acidic infection or any other serious disease.

There are several viruses that cause stomach infection such as, adenovirus, rotavirus and the transmission of this virus is simple from one person to other. Once you come into direct contact of the stomach virus infected person than it can enter into your body and will affect your stomach which can lead to stomach infection.

The symptoms of stomach infection can be seen in few hours and can go for few days. This stomach infection can have serious side effect to infants and children. So it is better to have early medication for this infection. The medicine for this is to stop eating unhealthy food and drinking contaminated water.