Buteyko Breathing Techniques

Buteyko Breathing TechniquesButeyko method was developed by Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko. It consists of a set of breathing exercises. The main principle behind this method is to lessen the amount of breathing. It aims at maintaining a correct ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body.

Buteyko breathing techniques can help in fighting against asthma, snoring, bronchitis, chronic cough, emphysema, sinusitis, hay fever, allergies, migraine, etc.

Buteyko breathing exercise

The following is a Buteyko breathing technique:

1) Firstly, check and record the pulse and control pause.

2) Sit on a straight-backed chair with your back perfectly straight and with your feet on the ground.

3) Close your eyes and concentrate only on your breathing. Think about how the breath enters and leaves your nostrils.

4) Raised shoulders mean more breathing. Thus, rest your shoulder and let them be in a relaxed state. Try to be calm.

5) Place your finger horizontally in front of your nose. It will help in monitoring the amount of air flowing in.

6) As your finger is placed in front of your nose so, whenever you feel breath striking your finger inhale.

7) Hence, the amount of air taken in is reduced. However, the number of breaths increases.

8) Continue for 3-5 minutes.

9) After doing the above step, check your pulse and control pause.

10) Take a break before you do it again.

11) You should do it for at least 20 minutes a day.

12) Hence, in a day it will be done 4 times. After doing it each time, check and record your pulse and control pause. Your control pause should become longer and your pulse should become lower.

Buteyko exercise to treat certain specific diseases

Buteyko exercise should be done in an empty stomach or 2 hours after having meal.

Buteyko exercise to treat insomnia, constipation, blocking of nose have been described below:

Buteyko exercise to unblock nose

1) Close your mouth. Close your nose by pinching it with two fingers.

2) Now, start walking as fast you can. Keep walking till you can manage without breathing

3) Now, relax and release your nose.

4) Take small breaths.

5) Do not breathe deeply.

6) Relax all body muscles.

7) Continue reduced breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Buteyko exercise to treat constipation

1) Relax and breathe out. Now, hold your breath for as long as you can.

2) Now, take short breaths.

3) Breathe out in a relaxed manner.

4) Breathe for 1-2 minute in a relaxed way.

Buteyko exercise to treat insomnia, panic, skin-itching and to warm up cold hands and feet

1) Lie on a bed on your tummy or on your left side.

2) Relax all your muscles

3) Focus on your breath. Feel the air pass your nostrils.

4) Take a short breath.

5) Relax all muscles especially the breathing muscles.

6) Now, continue taking short breaths.

7) Relax after taking every short breath.

8) Continue for 2-3 minutes.

Buteyko can reduce mucus and so can decrease cough so, helps in treating bronchitis. It also helps in clearing nasal congestion so, can treat rhinitis. Moreover, by increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the body, it helps in fighting anxiety.

It involves no surgery or drugs. Practicing these exercises need only some of your time. Thus, keeping in mind its advantages, Buteyko techniques can definitely be tried.