Bump Your Hair Up

how to bump your hairInteresting thing about fashion trends is their recurring factor. A lot of hairstyles that were popular in the sixties and seventies are making a chic come back. One of those styles is the bump hairstyle, where part of the hair is slightly lifted and held atop the head. This style not only adds volume to the hair but brings out a classy and feature accentuated look. To wear this style, you can either visit your hair stylist, or venture out and do it on your own. It’s doable and pretty to wear for numerous occasions.

Ensure that you have some hair/bob pins, hair mousse, hairspray and a comb, preferably a rattail comb as its easy and feasible to use for this hairstyle. Get your hair a little damp so that it will be unproblematic to work with. Apply some hair mousse on your hands and gently rub it in your hair. Then comb your hair and as you do so, it will air dry. You will notice that the texture of your hair is somewhat crisp. This is perfect for styling your bump hairdo. With the pointy end of your rattail comb, part your hair, along your crown. Take bit by bit of the parted hair and bounce it on itself, still using the rattail comb, to pile it up. As you do so, you will notice a build in height. This is your bump. Now you want to position the bump in such a way that the volume is well balanced and it all sits proportionally on the crown of your head. Once you have achieved the right height and volume, gently smooth out the top and sides of your bump. Bring the hair together at the back and then use the hairpins to hold it.

Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to dry out the bump more because hair mousse is a strong holding agent. Another option is to use hairspray that is specially for holding hair. Spray generously onto the bump and the rest of your hair. This will also add a bit more volume to the hair.

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