Bronchitis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Remedies

BronchitisBronchitis is  the inflammation of the bronchial tubes which get narrowed by the swelling and promotes the secretion of inflammatory fluid.

Inflammation, in acute bronchitis, is caused by a viral infection and may be caused by any bacterial infestation too. In other words, acute bronchitis means a cough that starts suddenly due to a viral infection which involves larger airways.


1.    Viral Infection: Usually an influenza virus.

2.    Allergies

3.    Air Pollution

4.    Chronic Sinusitis

5.    It is also caused by malnutrition in infants

6.    Exposure to chemicals, fumes and dust.

7.    Smoking


1.    Cough

2.    Mild fever

3.    Feeling of tiredness

4.    Wheezing

5.    Hoarseness of voice

Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis:

1.    Inflammation of the mucus membrane of bronchi is there to which phlegm adheres and a lot of difficulty is experienced by the patient to expel it.

2.    Successive attacks of cough may turn patient’s face colour to look blue.

3.    Difficulty in breathing is experienced as phlegm sticks to the bronchi.

4.    Loss of appetite is also there.

5.    Rise in temperature is usually seen.


1.    History Taking: History of the patient is usually taken to identify the symptoms associated with it i.e. the fever, presence of sputum while coughing, history of smoking habits or history of any respiratory disorder like COPD or history of any previous medications.

2.    Physical Examination: Examination  of patient’s upper respiratory tract to look for signs of ear, nose or throat infections. Examination is also done to identify the conditions like tonsillitis and swollen lymph nodes.

3.    Chest X-Ray: These films are usually obtained to identify the presence of infection in lung tissue.

4.    Sputum Culture: It is obtained to know the type of infection present.

Self Care:

1.    Curd and other sour substances should be strictly avoided.

2.    Fruits like banana, guava should be avoided.

3.    Potato and rice should not be taken regularly.

4.    Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.

5.    Avoid exposure to cold and damp weather.

6.    Cold beverages should also be avoided.

Ayurvedic Remedies:

1.    A teaspoonful of turmeric can be given mixed in one glass of milk. It is an excellent remedy for bronchitis.

2.    Dried ginger (saunth), black pepper (kali mirch) and long pepper(pippal) are taken in equal quantities and taken with honey. This combination is also called trikatu and is one the wonderful remedy for bronchitis.

3.    Even a teaspoonful of honey and ginger juice mixed in warm water can be taken as it helps in expectoration of the trapped phlegm.

4.    Garlic is another most powerful anti-infective agent which not only expectorates phlegm but also builds up the immunity towards upper respiratory tract infections.

5.    Eucalyptus oil should be gently rubbed on the chest.

6.    Steam inhalation is very effective in bronchitis.  Steam should be taken by putting 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water.

7.    Vasa juice should be taken for three times daily to relieve cough.

8.    Water boiled with tulsi leaves helps in soothing the soar throat.