Breathing Exercise At Home

Breathing Exercise At HomeSometimes, we have to go through difficult situations. It is very important to remain calm and composed in such situations. However, staying relaxed in the most stressful situations is not at all easy. Some breathing exercises, if practiced regularly will help in improving both physical and mental health. These breathing exercises practiced at home will help you in staying away from stress.

Some breathing exercises

The exercises mentioned here are effective and also are very easy to do.

Some breathing exercises which can be practiced at home easily are:

Stimulating breath

1. Inhale and exhale rapidly through your nose such that the breaths are short.
2. Try to stay calm and relaxed.
3. Initially do it thrice a second.
4. Initially do it for a period of 15 second.
5. With time and practice extend it to 1 minute.

It boosts the energy and increases alertness.

The bumble bee breathing

1. Sit with your shoulders relaxed.
2. Now, cover your eyes with your fingers and your ears with your thumb.
3. Keep your jaws relaxed.
4. Exhale deeply making a humming sound.
5. Continue for several minutes.

It provides relaxation.

The equal breathing technique

1. Sit with your shoulder straight.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Count till 4 while inhaling.
4. Count till 4 while exhaling.
5. Make sure that the duration of inhaling and exhaling are equal.
6. Change the count.
7. Continue for several minutes.

It helps to focus. It provides relief from anxiety.

Alternate nostril breathing

Sit straight.

Place your right thumb on your right nostril.

Take a deep breath slowly through your left nostril.
Now, close your left nostril with your little finger and ring finger.

Remove the thumb from your right nostril and breathe out through it.

After exhaling completely, inhale through your right nostril.

After you have finished breathing in, close your right nostril with your thumb.

Repeat several times.
It provides relaxation. It helps in fighting stress.

Breath counting

1. Sit straight.
2. Now, close your eyes and relax for some time.
3. Take deep breath.
4. Focus on your breathing and drive away all thoughts that are coming to your mind.
5. Now, inhale.
6. While breathing out count 1.
7. Inhale again and after exhaling count 2.
8. In this way, count till 4.
9. Whenever you find that you have made a mistake while counting start counting again from 1.
10. In this way, continue. You can slowly increase the number till which you count.
11. The number till which you count is not important, it is only important that you focus on your breathing.
This will help in increasing your concentration and will help you to focus.

Measured breathing

1. You can sit or stand.
2. Drop your shoulder and relax your jaws.
3. Inhale through your nose and count till 4.
4. Hold your breath.
5. Now, exhale through your nose and count till 7.
6. Repeat it multiple times.

It helps to focus.

Controlled breathing technique

1. Sit straight.
2. Keep your lips tightly closed.
3. Place your hand above your tummy.
4. Inhale through your nose.
5. Use your lower chest muscle to breathe. To ensure that you are using your lower chest muscle, see whether your hand moves in while inhaling.
6. Purse your lips.
7. Exhale for a period twice that of the inhalation period through your pursed lips. Feel whether your hands are moving out while you are exhaling.

People who face shortness of breath will be benefitted by doing this exercise.

These breathing exercises can be practiced at home. You do not have to invest any money. Moreover, you do not have to go to any other place. You will only need a little time. A regular practice will definitely help you in promoting good health.

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