Birthday Gift Ideas for Ex Boyfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas for Ex BoyfriendBirthday is the special day of everyone’s life and also he expects the gift from the family as well as friends. Gifts are always known as the symbol of love, affection and care and it is helpful to convey your messages. It’s your ex-boyfriend birthday and you want to give him a present. Here is the need to special care because you can’t present him anything as every gift has underlined meaning. Following given is some of the birthday gift ideas for ex- boyfriend so that you can choose from them and present him the best.

How to Buy a Gift for an Ex-Boyfriend

Buy Some Practical Gift- It is very challenging to buy a gift for your ex. The thing doesn’t matter either you were neglected or was the dumpee. You both would have some underlying feelings of that broken relationship and the gift should not that would drag you in the past. Always try to own a gift which is practical and according to that you can’t buy jewelry, clothing, and cologne; or any of the personal gifts.

Give him some Professional Gifts- Know the profession of your ex-boyfriend and give him a gift matched with that. For instance, if he belongs to writing field than nothing can be best gift than a pen and you can present him a pen along with a birthday card. Otherwise you can give some neutral gifts just like movie passes, pre-paid cards and concert tickets.

Keep the Favorites of Him in Mind– Gift chosen by you should be according to guy’s taste, temperament, persona and interest. You have to choose the gifts according to the choice of your boyfriend and for that you can include the favorite bands, colors and favorite foods for his birthday gift. You can even think of the past which you have spent together and make the favorite things in your birthday present. With small persistence you can get some unforgettable presents.

A device Set- The motive of the present given by you should be useful. It should not acquire a particular touch which makes him feel you are interested in him. Both of you are now just friends and you should keep that in mind while buying a gift.

Adorable Gift- You can say “I adore you”. This text will make him happy on his special day and to send that text you can write that on his birthday card. Even you can get a personalized key chain and print those words over it. The small things will make your boyfriend feels distinctive. It is not that the price tag matters for birthday gift but the feelings hidden under that matters a lot.

Avoidable Things- Never give the birthday gift with an intention that you would get your ex back. Your giving gift should be due to obvious reference of past. Never present him anything which you mean to embarrass or humiliate him. Or not include any personalized message over him like you are missing him a lot and want to get back him.


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