Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Turning 27

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Turning 27It’s your loved one’s birthday and you want to give him a present. The thought behind a present means more than the money spent. The 27th birthday of man can’t be proved milestone like 16, 21 or 30 but it doesn’t mean you should celebrate that birthday with less fun and enjoyment. You have to get the best thing for your boyfriend so that he would remember that forever. Following mentioned are some of the birthday gift ideas for boyfriend turning 27 so that it would make your task easy.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Tickets- For celebrating the 27th birthday of your boyfriend you can give him pair of tickets. If he has love for sports then you can give him the tickets of any football match, baseball game, hockey, cricket or whatever he likes to watch. He would love the gift. If he loves to go there with friend then let him go but if want you to join him then you should definitely accompany him there. If he loves music or a big music fan then can buy the concert tickets of his favorite bands. If he has special place for theater then you has to purchase tickets for a play or musical. If you would gift him tickets then it will prove him that you love his interests and likes. It will create a memory too.

Brewery- If your man has love for beer than you can take him to a brewery for birthday. Both of you can tour the brewery for getting formulation of beer. There are breweries which are attached to restaurants and pubs and you can relax there and tastes some of the samples while enjoying your meal. It would be a lovable gift by your partner.

Novelty Gifts- Turning 27 is not a milestone birthday but still you have to spend and enjoy that day in a very special way. You have to give him a novelty gifts which would be a great fun. You can get mugs, cards, balloons, t-shirts and pens etc. from novelty stores. Even you can write some personalized messages over it like a funny one “does this shirt make me look 27”,” turning 27- feeling wonderful” and “completes wonderful 26 years of my life” etc. you can find any of the funny, budget friendly but lovely gifts for him.

Gift him Jewelry– So, your man is a lover of jewelry than you have so many options like you can present him a pendant or give him a stud. Even gifting cufflinks is also a great idea to gift. You can also give him a bracelet and engrave his name or initials over it.

Watch- If the budget is not a problem for you then you can get a designer watch and give him that gift. It would tell him, you don’t like to wait and he will always be on time on your date. But if you would like to give him a budget friendly gift then you can get a normal watch for him.