Bikes For Overweight People

Overweight people should not ride any bicycle as it will give you a lot of discomfort and chances of accident increases by riding a wrong bike. The saddle should be comfortable with adequate width to give proper support to the rider

Bikes for overweight people are designed specifically as they have to be extra strong, extra sturdy, and extra comfortable. We understand and take into consideration all of the circumstances plus size riders need.

Good Bicycle For Heavy People

A new leafA New Leaf

It is the most popular size bike and it can carry the weight of 550 pounds. It is designed custom based and gives a ride like a dream. It looks like a mountain bike and is available at a price range of $ 2199.This bike has got Shimano brakes with eight speed internal hub. The front mountain disc is manufactured by WTB. The switchblade fork is cro –molly dimension. The rims are sun rhino and tubes are slimed to give flat protection. New leaf tyres are high thread count with extra durability for all purposes. The saddle comes with extra padding to give comfort to obese people. Good quality paint is used with rich colors and it is scratch and chip resistant.

Time of your lifeTime of Your Life

The Time of Your Life is custom built and it gives you maximum comfort and enjoyable experience while riding this bike. This bike has also got eight speed internal hubs with Shimano brake. The production of front mountain disc hub is done by WTB. You can choose among the different saddle styles available according to your body weight and price you are ready to pay for the saddle. The power coat finish gives you high resistance with corrosion and it has got better gloss and adhesive properties.The price range of this bike starts from $2370.

iZip Electric BicyclesiZip Electric Bicycles–The Zuma

This bike is one of the best electric bikes which help you to climb the hills with minimum effort. Riding it will give you a pleasure of enjoying a cruise in which you are enjoying sun and wind. All those obese people who have less weight than 240 pounds can enjoy the ride on this bike. It has a large cruiser frame with a motor of 500 W which moves the rear wheel. The pedals are non slipper. The tyres of this bike are Kenda Kinipttion 26 inches with 2.Tubes are slim self sealing with flat tyres prevention system. Alloy brakes with disc type inhibit levers in it. This bike is manufactured by Cumie technologies. The price of this bike starts from $ 1898.

Supersized newsboySupersized Newsboy

A classic bike with three speeds comes in the price range of $659.This is a best bike for boardwalks and going to a neighborhood with fewer prices. This bike can this bike is available in two sizes: regular and tall. It is designed classically with dual top bars. It has three speeds with puncture resistance types and tubes. The person who has to ride this bike should not have a body weight more than 330 pounds. The frame of this bike is fully lugged and of steel. The tyres are Kevlar belted and has got a precision sealed crank bearing with coaster brakes. It is available in blue, red, yellow and black color and is manufactured by Works man.