Bikes for Overweight Men

Bikes for Overweight MenUsually people think that biking is meant for men with muscular body and obese men should choose bicycling. It is good option to lose weight too but the idea can’t be correct every time for everyone as Bicycling is helpful to lose weight only if combined with weight loss techniques and having balanced diet. So, leaving bike is not the great idea to lose weight. Even overweight men has right to ride the bike. The thing is, you have to choose the correct one for you.  You must consider so many factors in this way before purchasing. Here are the points which an obese person has to research before buying a bike.

Big Bikes for Big Guys

What to Look For?

Always buy the bike which will support you and withstand use over time means it should have some key components.

Type and Function

Our market is full of new style bikes as there are mountain bikes to cruisers and road bikes to hybrids. You have to choose the bike having frames made up of steel or titanium. Titanium is known for its durability and steel is known for sturdy. Steel frame’s upside is that it will withstand breaking and cracking but cracks do appear which can be repaired or even welded. You should not opt for the bike with aluminum frames as are very weak.

Spokes and Rims

The main support of the bike is its wheels and so have to find which are more sturdy, have reliable rims and spokes. Wheels should be made with the stainless steel and its spoke count should be at least 32. They are durable and rust-free. Even under pressure it goes best.


With the new bike the main concern is the tyres pressure. You have to choose the bike with minimum 120 PSI.  Even 140- 160 is also good. Purchase the wide tires as can be pumped to higher PSI. For better strength of tyres you can use a thick inner tube as will help to save the tyres from being punctures.


For obese people usually the seat of bike becomes uncomfortable. It is suggested to you add extra paddings to your seat if you are a regular biker or uses it a lot. Even then there would be need of extra support for these wide seats. These additions will make your ride more comfortable as well as safe.

Where to Buy the Bikes-

You can visit any of the bike shop nearby you but there is a possibility that they may have fewer options for you and even it may happen that the bike you need is not available there. If you can look for the online shops as you can filter here according to your choices or needs.


It is the most important point. Everybody can own a bike according to the money he has. The thing you can do is to choose some of them who has even features and costs less too so that you can have it for you.

So, you have points mentioned above which I hope will help to buy a bike for you. You need to look for the price according to your budget. You should also survey before purchasing the one and then you can be the great adventurer over bike.