Best Way to Lose Hair from Body

Best Way to Lose Hair from BodyExcessive body hair is very embarrassing for everybody. Shaving is not a good solution for the hair removal as hair will grow again. Extreme hair on the body shows that maybe you have a symptom of undiagnosed medical conditions like any hormonal disorders. The hair growth in females is mainly due to hormonal disorders. Some of the best ways to lose hair from the body are given here:

The Safest Way To Remove Body Hair

Home Waxing

The excessive hair on the body can be removed with the help of a home waxing procedure or a depilatory lotion. You will remain hair free for a longer period of time when compared to shaving as waxing removes the hair from the roots. Another thing to note is that a depilatory lotion should not be left on the skin for a longer period than recommend on it as it may lead to inflammation on the skin. However, you should not use tweezing as it removes the roots of your hair which may injure the skin.

Dietary Supplements

With the help of a doctor, you should start taking a dietary supplement that will help to decrease the androgen levels as high level of androgens in male body leads to increased hair growth. Some of the herbal supplements that help to prevent hair growth are saw palmetto, chaste tree, black cohosh, spearmint tea etc.. But you should always discuss before taking any of these with a good health care practitioner to avoid complications.


The technique of electrolysis helps to remove all the unwanted hair from the body permanently. But this method is expensive and needs several seating’s by the patient. Consulting an electrologist is the best way to lose hair from the body permanently. Electrolysis is a procedure in which a fine needle is inserted into each hair follicle and then an electrical surge of electricity is sent to the hair edges that kills the root and hair starts falling. This method is good for sporadic neck and facial hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

You can get rid of hair with the help of laser hair removal technique. This is carried down by a dermatologist and it is usually carried on by examining the type of hair and then making a decision on which laser treatment is best for the particular hair type.

Multiple seating’s are required as in electrolysis but it is not a time consuming process. Laser beam penetrates in each and every root of hair and stops the production of hair follicle. Make sure to wear protective eye wear while going through the laser treatment for hair removal.

Prescription Creams

You should discuss the option of prescription hair removal creams you’re your doctor as some medicines like eflornithine will inhibit the enzymes that make your body hairs grow and will help you to lose unwanted hair from the body. This is the best way to lose hair from the body like facial hair. But this is not a permanent solution for hair removal and it helps to slow down the rate of growth of hair and hair can be removed again after their growth.