Best Possible Ways to quit smoking

How to Quit Smoking TipsWe come across many people in life who are prone to smoking. Some people are so crazy of smoking that they buy packets of cigarettes. We can see them smoking off at every possible breaks they get whether it is the work place or in bathrooms or elsewhere where it is not restricted. These people are chain smokers who do not know that they are digging their own grave.

Smoking has many side effects not only for people who smoke but also for passive smokers. They involuntarily breathe the fumes of the smoke containing tobacco/ nicotine and are prone to more dangerous situation than active smokers are. We find that the smokers also come upon various health problems. The first and foremost problem one finds is the oral cancer. Some people have accumulation of tar on their teeth, which is dangerous for the health of teeth and gums. Next what we observe is the lung cancer where the tobacco causes inflammation of the lung walls by the continuous inflammation of this poisonous fumes. Erectile dysfunction is another problem. Therefore, what do you do to overcome this? The best method you can do to save your life and the life of your near and dear ones is to quit smoking.

You would be wondering about the ways to quit smoking. It is possible. However, we all know “Rome was not built in a day”. It takes long time and self-control and own decision to overcome this habit. It is not possible in a single day. Keep a resolution not to smoke. Many smokers are just very much addicted that they break the resolution many times. However, do not give up. Try again! Finally, you will succeed and find your own ways to quit smoking.

Yoga has a powerful cleansing system of your body and mind. Deep breathing is the most powerful and important technique. Inhale maximum fresh air and then exhale slowly out. Stay away from sugar, alcohol and coffee. Take in large amount of fluids. They remove any toxins present in your body as sweat or urine. Eat low calorie foods like apple, celeries, and green leafy vegetables. Eat your food slowly in bits relishing the taste.

If you are smoking for time pass or to evade boredom, find your other interesting areas like music, exercise, painting or literature so that you don’t think about smoking again. Counseling, joining a support group, or making good friends who can guide you through difficulties can easily put you out of smoking. Always remember, healthy family, happy family. These were some of the best ways to quit smoking.

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