Best methods to have those Soft and Silky Hair

How to Get Soft Silky HairEveryone desires to have silky and lustrous hair. Having long and beautiful silky hair is one of the aspects of beauty. You can adopt any hairstyle when you have long hair. Rather than using synthetic products, usage of natural products and homemade remedies always gives the hair a natural glossy look. So here, we will see few tips whereby you can grow your hair long, healthy and silky.

Maintenance of hair requires lot of care. Avoid exposing your hair to sunlight at noon as the scorching sun can damage the hair, making them rough. Use either a scarf or a cap/hat while you are out in the sun. However, the early morning sunlight is good for the health of the hair as it supplements them with vitamin D. Avoid using hair dryer for drying the hair as it reduces the hair quality by making them coarse. Always adopt the natural way in drying the hair by letting the hair to dry in normal room condition. Always take care not to comb your hair when it is wet.

Combing of damp hair can cause breakage of hair and split ends. While combing use wide toothed comb. Do not rub your hair with towel after the bath. Squeeze or blot the water in to a soft towel. Do not use harsh rough towels on your hair. Try to avoid at the maximum, use of hair color or harsh shampoo on your hair. Use a mild shampoo and a serum based shampoo and conditioner on your hair while bath. Avoid ironing your hair and straightening your hair if it is curly and perming your hair if it is straight to make it curly.

Here are a few tips for silky hair. Virgin coconut oil helps a lot in making the hair silky and soft. For better results warm required amount of coconut oil and after cooling it to certain level, apply on your hair. Some people keep them overnight and wash it off in the morning. Almond oil is also good to give the hair the shiny rich look. Hibiscus leaf to a glass of water along with the combination of lemon juice also acts as a good revitalizer for hair. Two eggs and olive oil combination on hair gives it a shiny look after bath.

Aloe Vera gel with shampoo is good to make the hair soft. Always eat a rich and balanced diet. Include many fresh fruits, green vegetables in your food and drink lots of water. Trim your hair regularly every 3 to 4 months to promote the hair growth and to avoid the split end problems. Lots of patience and peaceful environment prevents hair fall largely. Therefore, preserve your hair, preserve your beauty.