Best Mattresses for Overweight People

Best Mattresses for Overweight PeopleMost of the people think that buying bed is important but not the mattress as we can buy any of them but this is wrong. Choice of best mattress is equally important as bed’s choice. It was the time when there was no choice of mattress for you but now market is full of variety of mattress. You can find according to the type, mode, variety and rate you want. Even there are some special ones for big and skinny people.

Best Mattress for Overweight/Obese People

Thinks to remember before Purchase


It is most important for overweight people that they have to take extra care at the time of purchase of mattress. It should be thick so that give you comfort and relax. You can also check the maximum weight limit of the mattress and if it suits you then only buy it. For example if you and your partner combine weighs 500 pounds than you must buy whose capacity is bit more.


Mattress comes with different thicknesses like 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and sometimes even more. Moe your weight the more thick you have to choose. It is even said by a research that thicker mattress are able to bear the weight of the person otherwise the chances of fall down goes more. If you are sleeping over a thin mattress then will not give you comfort. It is suggested that people who are 200-250lbs should choose the 9, 10 or 11 inch thick mattress. People who are 250-300lbs should purchase more than 10 inches. 400+lbs should not get less than 11 inches mattresses. So, choose accordingly and not waste money by choosing the inappropriate one.

Above mentioned were the things which you have to remember at the time of purchase and now we will discuss the different types of mattress which can be helpful for overweight people.

Memory Foam

This is perhaps the best option for obese. In this mattress high density memory foam is used and it is weight sensitive too. It gives the clear indication that it is very supportive for the heavier ones. So, it can also prove back pain reliever and minimize the pressure points. As it is told above that memory foam is high density foam then if the lighter people use this than feels uncomfortable and unsupportive.


Latex mattress is durable, dense and comparatively strong, so, a big person can get extra comfort from the same. Latex beds are known for compress resulting in creations of body impressions and large ones are not able to do the same. So, you may look for some of the comfort as well as support.

Futons Mattress

Usually they are not meant for big and larger people because is not much thick but on the other hand futon mattress are good for obese ones as they are firm.


Air beds are sometimes proves good for heavy and big people. Even water beds are also good but it should not be light as bad material beds can tear sometimes.