Best Makeup For Pore Coverage

Best Makeup For Pore CoverageSkin pores lead to the occurrence of acne and creates a need to cover up the pores with makeup. But you need to make sure that the makeup looks natural and the key to it is to prepare your skin for makeup. A daily skin care will make your skin suitable for makeup and it will hide all types of pores in less than ten minutes. Although you cannot eliminate the large pores completely but with their visibility can be reduced with the help of proper makeup routine. Skin care products help to clear all pores and eliminate all blackheads. Some high quality cleansers and scrubs also help to reduce the size and minimize the visibility of pores. Check out the best tips on make up for pore coverage:

Best Makeup to Cover Large Pores

Wash your face: The first thing before application of anything on your face is to wash your face with a good cleanser. The cleanser should be one with Vitamin C, retinol or salicylic acid. Use a non-alcoholic toner. Dead skin cells can be removed with the help of a facial scrub.

Use a moisturizer: Now take a small amount of SPF moisturizer into your hand and apply evenly to your neck and face. If you will find any excess oil then wipe it off with a rice paper and wait for at least 5 minutes before application of anything to it so that it smudges completely.

Apply a silicone based primer: Primer is a makeup tool that prevents clogging. It helps to hide the lines of large pores of the skin and gives a smooth texture for the application of foundation and concealer. Let the primer dry and then dab the concealer on problem areas and foundation evenly on your face.

Apply foundation: Take a small amount of foundation in your hand or dish and apply it evenly to your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose with the help of a sponge and blend it on your face. Spread it to neck as well and take more foundation if required. Apply foundation in downward strokes to minimize the pores.

Seal the foundation: Apply eye shadow, lipstick and blush before applying powder on your face. With the help of a clean brush, seal the foundation with the help of a translucent free powder layer.

Use blotting papers periodically: Keep some blotting papers in your purse to remove any excess oil on your skin as it makes pores look larger and blot periodically to give your make up a fresh look.