Best Jeans for Overweight Women

Best Jeans for Overweight WomenYou are looking for the best jeans which will compliment your figure. Then here are the tips which will help you in this way. Are you pear shapes, petite or curvy as these are the question which you have to look to before buying any of the jeans? Today market has jeans which are designed around shapes low risers, straight cut, boot cut, classic denim and boy jeans. The work is simple to choose the best one according to your shape.

Finding Perfect Jeans for Overweight Women

You can choose the best jeans for overweight women but here is need of honesty means choose which is perfect for your size not that which is chosen by your best friend. Being overweight is not that bad that you can’t get the jeans for you. You needn’t to bear shame if having curves. Here are the tips for curvy women.

For overweight women Lycra is the best option

When there is a talk about jeans. You should avoid the chocolate. It is possible that this is helpful to make you feel good but to look good Lycra is meant for you. You should avoid buying jeans having rigid denim or have classic cut. You have to purchase a jeans which is flexible at the bumps not shift them elsewhere.

The good option for you is choose with overall cut as it is best for fit and flare type

You can choose the boot cut. Choose the one having the slight flare at the ankle balances out the hip width; this can create a delusion that you are not curvy but straight and have long legs too.

Always try to wear dark colored jeans

Dark colored is always not just black, it can be navy blue, deep green etc. Black jeans are also not bad option. In case, you have curvy butts then must choose the jeans having pockets that are narrowly aligned but not making them huge the side seams. It also helps to make width. Pick a good yoke which is good between pockets and waist band. Triangular shaped would be the best to avoid gaping and squeezes the lower back in better way.

What to Avoid

Usually larger ladies make a mistake of purchasing jeans having wide shapes rear pockets, you have to avoid this. Also, don’t go for the low risers. The pockets in the jeans should be nearer and small in length. To make you feel better most of the times you buy smaller size jeans but you are unaware of the fact that it is hurting you too much as you always feel uncomfortable in the same. Also, you will look like a muffin in the same. If you have found jeans which have fitted you then there is no need to tuck the shirt or top in and tighten your belly with a belt as it is the same as you have bought small sized jeans. Avoid pleats on jeans. Jeans can’t be perfect if you haven’t worn it with proper and perfect shaped top. So, choose that too smartly.