Best Jeans for Overweight Men

Best Jeans for Overweight MenMany men whenever go to buy their jeans, they just go to the store, check the size rather it is tight or not and then buy it. But in my opinion this is not the right way as it won’t work for most of the boys. One type of jeans can’t be good for all body types. Body type’s means so many things and some of which can’t be covered by limited numbers which are mentioned in size list.

These are two numbers for men: waist and inseam and these two are measured in inches. Waist size is inches around the waist. On the other hand, inseam means the distance from the bottom of the crotch to the end of leg. To get the right jeans according to the body type you have to consider yourself according to your body type. As if you are overweight then, you have big buildup. It is not sure that your length has increased according to your weight. So the size you get will not suit you. Here we will discuss how to get best jeans for overweight men.

What to wear?

Loose Fit

Jean which you are going to choose should be loose fit with the normal waist and have straight leg. This is a classy jeans so will give you best look. It also comes in straight cut or tapered style. You can wear loose fitting T- shirts with the jeans as it cloak the expanded belly. You can also wear a jacket over the top. The back pockets should be kept plain as baggy pockets drags the attention of so many people as it gives the look of bulky back. This type of jeans can be worn by any type of the body but particularly suits who are stocky. Baggy people should opt for the darker shades in the jeans as dark shades make outline appear very slim.

Classic Five Pocket jeans

It is classy jeans and this style of jeans is roomy around the crotch and has a slight match towards the ankle or it is having straight cut too. This come with the button fly. Chunky and lean body people can choose this without any hesitation. It is a type of jeans with whom any of the footwear will look best. You can choose a dark blue shade of the jeans and pair it with either coat or jacket. As compared to loose cuts straight legged styles have lesser body bulking excess fabric. This is the quality which helps you to look little lean. Also, there would be a stitched joint running down the outside of the leg, this will help to give your legs little lengthy, reason it draws the attention down on the legs.

What to Avoid

Overweight men think that if they will wear skinny jeans with shiny texture they will look thin comparatively? I think it will put the opposite effect and highlights bulges. Bulky men should avoid boot cut and straight jeans as it will make you look even heavier. In place of that you can choose wide leg jeans. Deep and large pockets are good for you as it will give your butt smaller look. You should not turn your jeans up as this will give shorter look to your legs.