Best Jeans for a Short Woman

Best Jeans for a Short WomanChoosing the best jeans for a short woman is not easy. A woman who is shorter than 5 feet 4 inches finds it very difficult to choose the best and right fit jeans for her. So you should always follow the best tips to make it easier for you to select the right type of jeans.

Another major challenge is that all designer jeans are 32 inches long and they drag on the floor making it difficult for short women to wear it. It leads to the bottom cuffs to wear in a few days. So the best jeans for short women are the one that will rule out this possibility as well.

Best Jeans for Petite Women

Shop from the Petite Section

Always buy your denim from the stores that have the petite range. Jeans that are specially made for short women are designed with short inseams and lower rise which helps to avoid the unnecessary bunching around the groin area. This will help you to avoid wastage of time in alterations.

Choose according to your Body Type

In spite of having a short height, everybody has got different size petites, so it is always recommended to choose according to one’s body type. You should wear jeans that are in fitting throughout the thigh and becomes flare or straight cut at the bottom of the jeans. However, too much flare jeans at the bottom should be avoided as they make you look very short.

Roomier style jeans are recommended for healthy females with short height but it should not be voluminous one.

Slender short females can wear straight leg or slightly flared jeans. Skinny is the best jeans for short women who is lean as well.

Avoid Low Rise jeans

A low rise jean is not at all recommended for short women as it will make their legs look short. A jean that comes to one’s waist or just below waist is alright. The more the height of your legs is, the longer your height will appear.

Choose appropriate length and right shade

The jeans should be of appropriate length as when it crosses your ankles then it gives an illusion of height. You can wear pointy heels to elongate your legs and make you look taller.

Choose from dark colored jeans like black or blue with dark washes in it. This is due to the fact that dark colors give an elongated look. Although you can wear any dark color of your choice but a deep indigo shade is a perfect shade for short women as it will make you look lean, smart and tall.

Now by following these tips you can buy best jeans for you. But you should always avoid cuffing your jeans or rolling up the hems. In case you have bought a pair of long jeans then gets it tailored by a professionally tailored to suit your height. It is also advised to short women that they should avoid wearing jeans with any type of embellishments and additions like zippers, pockets or rivets as a plain pair of jeans is the best jeans for short women.

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