Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces Women

Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces WomenThe hairstyle must be chosen by keeping in mind the shape of your face as same haircut which suit one person may not suit another person with a different face cut. If you have a fat face then you should avoid hairstyles that articulate the fullness of the face and cheeks. Rather the hairstyle should prolong the face in height.

You can easily determine the shape of your face by pulling your hair back and then see the face contours. A fat face mostly has equal length and width. You can search hairstyles in beauty and fashion magazines and online to check out the best hairstyles for fat faces women. Some of them are discussed here:

Best Hairstyles for Women with Fat Faces

Long and straight hair: Long and straight hair on fat faces suits more than short or mid length as long hair lengthens the face. The best length of hair is that will come below the chin or longer than that. You can keep the long  and straight hair open. Long hair increases the of length in the face and the straight hair adds body to the sides of the face.

Layered hairstyles: Layering of hair with the shortest layer hitting the earlobe or lower than that will make your hairstyle look good and cover up your fat face. Layering can be done using hot curlers or if you have got natural curly hair then keep them as it is.

Layered Bangs: Long side swept bangs adds angles to fat face. Gentle waves can also be added and it is an advantage for fat face women. So if you have waves, then naturally allow them by wrapping your hair around the curling iron to make an awesome hairstyle.

Short shag: Short shag hairstyles are remarkable for its layers as it can be styled in different ways to give a new look to faces and hide the chubbiness of the face. This hairstyle has got numerous variations and depending your age, you can choose a particular type of shag hairstyle. Some of them are highlighted shag, wavy shag cut, layered shag, choppy shag; lively shag haircuts. Side swept bangs can also be used in shag hairstyle to cover up the width of the face.

Bob hairstyles: Bob haircut is one of the best options for fat faces. This is because of the reason that fat faces does not mean that one is oversized, rather it means the face does not have the proper visibility of the facial bones which makes it look fat. A bob hair cut gives an accurate frame to one’s face and extends beyond the neck to give a complete look to your face. Layering can also be done in a bob cut to give a better look. This hairstyle gives a slimmer look to one’s face.

Short Pixie Cut: A pixie cut is one of the short hairstyles that are short from the back and sides of the head but long from the top. It suits on the fat faces. You can choose the pixie hairstyle with some variations like short as half inch in some places and two to three inches long from other sides and it depends on your style. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and can be worn casually or formally.