Best hair color for Pale Skin

what is the best hair color for pale skinPale skin looks beautiful  if you will give proper care to your skin with sunscreen and moisturizers. The skin will look very good if  you will give your hair a good hair color. There is no dearth of hair color options for you.Hair color that suits pale skin the most falls into three categories: very light, very bright and  very dark. Hair color is often a permanent  thing and you have to make a right choice out of them. The choices are discussed here:

Very dark

Jet Black: Some people hold a misconception that black color cannot be paired with pale skin. But the reality is that it suits very well with pale skin. The black hair color comes in two shades: jet black and soft black. The jet black has a bluish undertone while soft black has a brown undertone. We recommend jet black color for females with ivory skin and soft black for olive skin females. The combination of black color hair with pale skin gives a healthy look and it carries extra shine in it.

Brunette: Another dark color hair option is brunette which is a dark shade of brown color. This is the best shade for fair skin women. It gives a rosy look to your face. However, women who have pale skin should use rich shades of chocolate and walnut and bronze and mahogany shades having a red undertone should be avoided.

Very Bright

Red: The red color falls into the very bright category of hair color and this is a perfect hair color for those looking a sexy style. Some women have pink tint in their pale skin so in such cases coppery reds should be avoided. You can also go for purplish red, burgundy or gamete shade.

Very light:

Blonde: The platinum blonde color falls under very light shade. This is a perfect shade for pale skin women. When your hair is dyed in platinum blonde then you have to give lot of care to your hair as ignorance may damage your hair. If you don’t want to get your hair colored in platinum blonde then ash blonde is a better option. Do not go for golden color streaking as it will reduce the look of color on your pale skin.

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