Best Hair Color For Green Eyes

The green eyes are a rare trait. You have to choose the hair color for the green eyes carefully. It should be chosen in consideration with all other elements like skin type, dressing style and existing color of your hair.

What Hair Color Is Best for Green Eyes

The skin tone is of two types-warm and cool. The person who has golden or yellowish skin undertone falls into warm skin tone and those with pink and blue skin undertone comes into the category of cool skin tone. Now the detailed information is given by categorizing the skin types.

Olive Skin: Caramel and bronze shades of hair color are perfect for olive skin with green eyes. Lighter shades of blonde and brassy blonde should be avoided as they wash out the glow on your face. Some other best hair color for green eyed people are dark brown, black and light brown. In case you want to go for highlighting them plum and burgundy shades are the best.

Tanned Skin: The most recommended hair color for green eyes with tanned skin is deep chocolate brown.You can also use champagne and beige colors.All shades of brown suits to green eyes with tanned skin.

Fair Skin: Green eyes with fair skin itself gives a beautiful look and when you will use light shades for your hair then you will give an amazing look. Red shades give a gorgeous look and is recommended if you have to attend any party. Other recommended shades are red, brown, black and blonde. For highlighting you should go for shades of blonde honey blonde, auburn or copper.

You should keep in mind while deciding on a hair color  that  what is your purpose of hair color  and how long you will continue with this color. In case you are not very much sure about a particular color for the long run then you should go for semi-permanent hair color which will fade away within few weeks. You should always go for a strand test before coloring your hair as it will help you to decide hair color according to your skin tone. If you are not satisfied with the results of strand test  then seek professional guidance as if you will choose wrong hair color then it will be a complete waste of time, money and ultimately give a weird look.