Best Hair Color For Blue Eyes

what is the best hair color for blue eyes


The best way to change your look is to change your hair color. The hair color ideas are countless but it is difficult to choose the best hair color according to your eyes color and skin tone. So you should not buy the hair color that appeals you instead it should be the one that will complement your eye color and skin tone. This is because the hair color is the reflection of the light of the colored pigments in the shaft of hair .These pigments are catalyzed by the skin tones. You can confirm this by looking at your hair in fluorescent light and daylight. To get the best hair color on your blue eyes you need to know your skin tone.

The best hair color of the blue eyes should be decided on the basis of warm or cool skin tones. Red, peach and golden undertone in your skin means that you have a warm skin tone and in case you have pink or blue skin undertone then your skin falls in the category of cool skin tone. After figuring out your skin tone you have to decide on your hair color according to different skin types.

Olive Skin: Colors like beach sand, beige and ash looks best on people having blue eyes with olive skin. A combination of blue and black color can also be used. Brunettes with blue eyes should go for coffee and chestnut colors. It is recommended to go for single hair color on olive skin. In case you want to go for highlights then golden streaking is the best option.

Fair Skin: Warm hair color shades should be used for fair skin. The best choice is to choose between chestnut or copper shades. Honey or copper brown shades are recommended for brunettes with blue eyes and fair skin. You can use golden or light red highlights for your natural brown hair color.

Dark Skin: Dark colors like red, brown, black or copper shades should be used for dark skin with blue eyes. Hair highlights should be done by those who have  dark skin with warm undertones with red, blonde or burgundy colors.

In case you are facing difficulty to choose the best hair color according to your eyes then you should take help from professional hair stylist to get the best advice.

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