Best Foods for Anxiety and Stress

Best Foods for AnxietyAnxiety acts like a defense which acts against the stress. Whenever you feel stressed your body releases some of the hormone sets and these sets until are under control make you able to focus better but when they go out of control you even lose your focus level too. It is very much necessary and important for students who are having exams as if you lose the focus then you don’t have a control over your mind and thoughts and you then go to other world of thoughts and forgot to give attention to what is your main priority at that time. Also, employees who got the deadlines also don’t feel the same situation. Even uncontrolled set of hormones can also result in panic attacks and in some cases patients also face nervous breakdown. So, you have to take some of the precautionary measures at that time to avoid the situation. Here are the best remedies that make you able to get rid of the problem. You have to make some of the lifestyle alteration to prevent the condition.

Best Foods To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

•    Caffeine is able to stimulate the adrenaline secretion in the body. Also, it makes the two sensation fight or flight and also it promotes the overwhelming desire to act on spot.

•    Some of the processed foods have huge amount of preservatives, saturated fats and also flavors and all these are responsible to put extra pressure on the overall system.

•    Also, sugar intake put effects on the blood sugar of body and further it gives way to anxiety, mood swings and also it can effects the functions of brain.

•    Both smoking and alcohol put bad effects over the body and made the level of anxiety worse. Alcohol boosts up the adrenaline level and also it raises the hyperactivity in the nervous system which is the caller of anxiety.

•    MSG is used as a flavoring agent in the preparation of snacks. Its nature is neuro-toxic and that is the reason it is responsible for anxiety. So, you have to maintain a gap from it.

•    Salt is the common element of daily food and also it lessens the potassium level of the body and thus it effects the proper functioning of the nervous system. As it increases the blood pressure and so it leads to stress.

•    Low fat dairy products are rich in calcium and that extra amount of calcium is responsible to lower the manganese level of the body.

•    There are some spices like garlic, turmeric, chili which have salicylates and that product can speed up the metabolism of body and as a result can give way to anxiousness.

•    Water is helpful to not only keep you hydrated but also it helps you to flush out extra toxins from the body. So, you must drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily as it neutralizes the excessive enzymes and hormones being secreted in the body.

•    Basil leaves are wonder foods for the situation. For that take some fresh leaves and after washing them boil in water. Also, add some sugar accordingly your taste. When it cools down you can sip slowly to reduce anxiety.