Best boots for short women

Best boots for short women Most women love to wear boots with jeans as they are comfortable footwear and can easily be worn in all types of weather and goes well with different types of color. In case you have a short height then you should wear boots carefully so that you will not look shorter. Now to make your legs look longer, you should follow the following advice on choosing the best boots. Avoid wearing sky high stiletto pumps to look taller. You should slip into the perfect pair of boots that will suit your overall personality and height. Check out the best boots for short women:

Best Boots for Petite Women

Knee High Boots: Knee high boots are very comfortable boots that go well with different types of outfits like skinny jeans, skirt or any other dress. Knee high boots with a heel is recommended as the best boots for short women .But make sure that the heel that you wear is comfortable for you. Another important thing is that the color of the heel and the boot should be same to avoid looking short. For females who have stout bodies should wear loose boots.

Long over the Knee Boots: Best boots  for casual occasions is the boots that will cover the upper thighs .A best and sexy look can be achieved by wearing a black pantyhose with a miniskirt and skinny jeans. Most of the visible part of the legs will be covered by the skirt and it will give an illusion of long legs. With minimum exposure, you can get the best look out of this clothing style. The small visibility from the mini skirt and the boots will give you a casual and sexy look.

Ankle High Boots: Ankle high boots are mostly worn by super models that have long legs and when short women have to wear ankle high boots then they have to somewhat tricky. You can wear ankle high boots with short dresses and miniskirts. But stout females should avoid wearing ankle high boots. In case you do not want to show off your legs then you can wear skinny jeans or leggings with it. Avoid wearing knee length dresses like Capri or mid length dresses with ankle high boots and it will make you look short.

Similar color Clothing as of Boots: The color of the clothes and the boots should be similar as contrasting color will make you look short. You can get the slim effect by wearing dark shades in your clothes like black, brown, gray etc.. Long black boots up to knees goes well with leggings, skinny jeans. The top should cover the upper portion of your thighs to look taller and as it elongates the body by making an unbroken line of the whole body.

While selecting the boots, you should  keep in mind the occasion in which you have to wear them as different types of boots are available in the market like fashion boots, utility boots, protective boots etc.. Fashion boots are worn to complete any outfit. Utility boots are used in a performance of a particular activity and protective boots are worn to protect your feet and give support in different types of weather conditions. So be careful while choosing your boots.