Best Blonde Hair Color

Best Blonde Hair ColorBlonde color comes in different shades which ranges from bright golden shades to light brown shades. The selection of the right shade of the blonde hair color will change your overall look. So choose the right shade of blonde color from the list of shades given below:

Platinum blonde hair: This is the lightest shade of platinum blonde hair color. It has a tone of silver in it. It is the best and outstanding shade of blonde and you will look different in a crowd with this shade on your hair. This shade will also stay for so many years to come. This shade can be made flaunting by giving your eyes a Smokey makes up.This color is popularly known as towheaded.

Ashy blonde hair color: This color gives an ashy look to your hair. The single use of this color will give a grayish shade and make you look older so always go for the combination of this color with dark blonde shades. But in case of the highlights you can use only single shade .The lower part of the hair should be highlighted preferably with this shade.

Yellowish  Blonde hair color: This is the perfect shade for any type of hair textures. However this shade is recommended for fair complexion and medium to dark skin tone people should avoid using this color as it makes them look more dark.

 Beach Sand blonde hair color: Another shade of blonde is a mixture of gray color with hazel which suits light skin tones. But this is recommended for people who have long hair with good hair texture .This is a neutral shade of hair color.

Golden orange blonde hair color: This color is made for fair people only. In case you have a subtle tan then you can go for this shade. This shade will give a stunning look to your face.

Strawberry blonde hair color: Those who have a pale complexion and cool undertones should go for this shade of blonde hair color. The shades of dark strawberry and dark or auburn brown are the perfect shades for curly hair.