Benefits Of Tangerine Juice

Benefits Of Tangerine JuiceTangerine is a small, pebble skinned variety if mandarin oranges that has lance shaped leaves and slender twigs. It has got sweeter sugar due to high content of sugar in it. It was originally cultivated in Asian countries and soon spread to the Mediterranean region .It is a tender, juicy and rich flavored fruits that is full of vitamin C. The essential oil in it helps to fight with some common ailments like fever and allergies. Some of the nutrients that are present in tangerine are folic acid, potassium, carotene’s and flavonoids.
Tangerine juice is a better alternative to orange juice for those who find orange juice bitter as the tangerine is sweeter than oranges. Tangerine is only one fruit which contains more of sugar than other citrus fruits. A glass full of tangerine juice every day will benefit you a lot in terms of nutritional value and is good for those who cannot tolerate the high acid content in orange and grapefruit juice. Some of the important health and nutritional benefits of tangerine juice are discussed here:

Vitamin C

A glass full of tangerine juice helps to give you around 76 g of vitamin c which promotes health formation of new skin and collagen cells. The healing capacity of the body tends to reduce with lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to block all free radicals in the body and prevents any heart disease and cancer.


The amount of sugar that you will get by drinking a glass full of tangerine juice is higher than other citrus fruits so it is not recommended for those who are keeping a check on their sugar levels.

Iron Absorption

The amount of iron absorbed tends to increase with the intake of tangerine juice. So take an iron supplement with a glass of tangerine juice so that your body will effectively utilize the iron doses.

Antiseptic Qualities

It has antiseptic qualities that fight with the dreaded bacteria known as staphylococcus aureus that spreads septic in the whole body of a human being. The oils in tangerine juices contain elements that fights with these bacteria .You can also apply tangerine juice oil to open wounds to help them heal quickly.

Reduces Spasms

Spasm affects the body’s muscles and respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system and tangerine juices helps to calm the nerves and relax all these systems. So it gives immediate relief from painful body spasms in the body.


Another important characteristic of tangerine is cytophylactic and it means that it triggers the division of cell in the body and helps in the formation of new cells. All types of external wear and tear in the body can be healed with the consumption of tangerine juice.

Blood Purifier

Tangerine juice acts as a blood purifier as it excretes all unwanted and toxic material from the body like uric acid, extra salt and other body pollutants. This leads to enhance the capacity of the body to withhold oxygen in the RBC and purify blood in the body.


Tangerine juice diminishes all types of bodily inflammations and hyperactivity in the body. It acts as a relaxing and sedative agent against fever, poison, anxiousness, any type of allergic reactions and calms down any type of anger and whimsical responses.