Beetroot for More Stamina and Endurance

Beetroot Juice BenefitsAthletes need stamina to play for a longer time and to get this stamina they undergo many exercise sessions and also consume different types of supplements and nutritional products. But what if they come to know about Beetroot benefits for their athletic body? Yes! Beetroot juice provides good amount of stamina and endurance which can provide more energy to their body.

According to the research, it is revealed that Nitrate which is present in beetroot juice can lead in reduction of oxygen uptake and bring more stamina in body to have longer period of exercise. They also say that, the effect is more then what you can get from the regular training. Having beetroot juice can help you too exercise 16% more than the regular workout.

You can test yourself which involves cycling on exercise bike.  Try having exercise bike on a regular day and look at the time and the energy which you used to exercise.  But after drinking beetroot juice, you will notice that you could cycle for 11.25 minutes, which is more 92 seconds more than the regular time.

No one exactly knows, how these beetroot juice boosts the stamina, but according to the researcher, it could be the nitrate which is present in Juice and turns into nitric oxide in the body. This later causes peripheral blood vessels which dilutes and improves the oxygen supply of your body and helps while excising of your body. These nitrates present in beetroot juice can help in efficiency of muscles contraction while having your exercise session.

Beetroot juice contains nitrate like other green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and other vegetables. Beetroot juice is something which you’ll not get from all supermarkets; you can find it in some health shops.

Beetroot are rich in red color and is easily soluble in water and cannot be destroyed under heat condition. Since, long time this vegetable is being used as the medicinal source and had proved to be the great for increasing stamina in body. When you mix up beetroot juice with carrot juice then it can help in getting more mineral to your body for healing process.