Beauty Tips to Look Flawless on First date

Beauty Tips to Look Flawless on First dateMen look forward to all the physical aspects. In addition, every man would want an attractive and intelligent woman beside him. Beside makeup, clothing style matter because it is the easiest and convenient way to shape your figure and highlights your natural beauty. Clothes can mask out the strengths and flaws or vice versa, if not carefully chosen.

As you do not want to make a bad impression because of clothing and wear totally inappropriate clothes, flashy or to hide your femininity, here are some Essential beauty tips:

1) Find where the first date will take place

So you can compose your perfect outfit, it is imperative to know where the big meeting will take place. You should not be embarrassed to ask him if you’ll be dining in an elegant restaurant, or if he is going to take you to your favorite place. Maybe he prefers to take a walk in the park under the moonlight, in which case those pointy shoes and heels 15 cm is not a very suitable choice for such a “casual” date.

2) How to dress for a first date at a restaurant

Obviously your outfit will be one elegant but not too conservative. You do not have to look like you tried too much in choosing the perfect pieces. For all came spring, dress casual dress and a pair of shoes with a heel not very tall, with a trench in a pastel shade. If you are not heeled shoes, you can always opt for a pair of dancers. Or can choose an outfit composed of a flared or tapered jeans, preferably dark, a white silk shirt, a blazer necessarily masculine and heeled shoes for added elegance.

3) How to dress on the first date if you go to the park

Rely on the convenience of ballerinas or moccasins, shoes that are in trend this season. As feminine as heeled shoes, shoes with low platform will help you draw up a casual outfit, but sufficiently chic and delicate. Dress up your favorite pair of jeans (no boyfriend jeans or any ripped jeans, at least on the first date), with a blouse from a fluid material, completing your look with a cardigan or a blazer warm color. Boots without frame are again a suitable option for a walk in the park, which enclosed a double-denim outfit, accessorized with a statement necklace (can be colorful), ensure the perfect look for a first date in the park.

4) How to dress on the first date if you go to a movie or a café

In this case, your outfit can easily be sophisticated. Wear a shirt airy, with a delicate print, along with a pair of skinny jeans and a dark pair of shoes without heel. If you still want to adopt a more refined look, relies on a pair of heels, nude or black, perfectly complement an outfit composed of tapered jeans, a shirt with the message that reveals your personality and a masculine blazer. A dress in a color or floral, delicate dishes with an A-line cut, with a denim jacket or a blazer and a pair of ballet flats may be recommended for a first-date movie.

5) Regarding the makeup

Most men prefer a woman with more natural makeup, especially on the first date. A foundation according to your skin tone, two coats of mascara and transparent gloss it is enough for a relaxed meeting. In the evening, you can enhance your look by using the eyeliners site and you can highlight your lips with a red lipstick.

6) Let your hair free

Made some loose curls or catch it in a chic ponytail, if applicable. Do not opt for an ultra-sophisticated bun in the head or too elaborate hairstyle. In fact, go on a date, not a luxurious event!

7) DO NOT experiment before the first date!

Do not try a new hair color, very different from the one you have now, not seeking a haircut too modern; do not try a new type of makeup, a new fashion trend eccentric or extravagant hairstyle.

First date beauty tips

So when it comes to how to dress for a first date, just keep in mind a few simple tips.

  • It is important to know where it is the biggest meeting place, so you cannot choose a wrong outfit.
  • You have to use humor – A conversation that does not involve humor is a little stiff, almost formal, kill all the attraction. You must be funny, intelligent, why not sarcastic. I do not mean to be funny all the time, because you do not want to go as a clown, but in general conversation can have a pleasant and playful note. You tease each other, you can do cool little of him in a harmless and playful style.
  • Do not have to agree with everything he’s saying – It is ok to have a different opinion from time to time. You have to show him that you have a personality, that you trust and that you have a personal opinion, which will make things more interesting and him interested.
  • Be yourself!

First dates can be exciting and enjoyable, if you maintain a balance of general topics of discussion. Be yourself, relax, have fun and let everything come by itself. After all, maybe this meeting will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.