Baba Ramdev Yoga Kapalbhati

Baba Ramdev Yoga KapalbhatiKapalbhati Pranayama is a breathing exercise and it helps the body to keep away different ailments. When you go in the meaning of the Kapalbhati then you would discover that “kapal” means forehead and “bhati” means shinning. So, in short we can say that Kapalbhati means get a shine or glow over the face of practitioner. To do this yoga practice you need to be in sitting posture and your focus should be on exhaling and keep the inhale movements in normal. You have to exhale instantaneously bond the abdomen muscle with each and every outbreath. To get how to do Baba Ramdev Yoga Kapalbhati you need to look down at steps of doing that.

Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga Steps By steps

Steps to Practice Kapalbhati

The steps to perform kapalbhati are very simple but you should ensure that you are following them properly and all that is done without getting much hurt. Take some of the precautions while doing the same but still here given are some of the techniques to follow.

  • First you need to sit straight and your spine should be erect and make a cross with your legs that should be in front of you.
  • Start taking deep breaths and exhale quickly. It would make a puff sound when you do this.
  • Maintain your focus over forcefully exhaling but inhale normally.
  • When you are doing exhaling then your abdominal muscles should be inward simultaneously. During inhalation your abdomen would rise and go on fold when exhale.
  • You can continuously do that for 10 breaths. Now, wait for 5 minutes and perform two sets of the same.


Usually yoga practitioners provide credibility to deep breathing as well as meditation and even it is great for midway practitioners. Today most of the yoga schools have kept this in their top priority. Kapalbhati is a breathing and physical exercise which is helpful to purify and detoxify the mind as well. All the work is done by just breathing. It is helpful to keep both mind and body stress free.

Therapeutic Benefits

Usually the exercise is done to get relax but it is able to provide physical benefits too. Even people who have tried so much techniques to lose weight and still not able to get any benefit should try the techniques as it is helpful way to get nearer to your goal and the reason is it works up the respiratory system along with abdominal muscles. So, in short you can have toned down body and muscles. Respiratory passes can also be cleansed by performing yoga kapalbhati because one who performs the same is at lowest risk of getting allergies as well as infections to lungs. The respiratory passages are blown out from the body and so it can be problem free.

Practicing baba ramdev yoga kapabhati regularly help to enhance flexibility of the diaphragm. When you perform this technique then diaphragm gets exercise in much amount which is clear indication of having proper circulation of blood throughout the body. If your diaphragm is stronger as well as flexible then you are at lowest and even no risk of having hernias.