Baba Ramdev Yoga for Low B.P

Baba Ramdev Yoga for Low B.PLow Blood pressure is a malicious health issue and can result in worst and even more than high blood pressure if not treated on time. When a person suffers from the problem then he would have sufferings like fatigue, dizziness, weakness and bafflement. Usually the condition attached emotional state and usually people having the problem of low B.P also have anxiety issues and depression problems as well. But without much worries the problem can be solved or controlled too much level if you depend over Baba Ramdev yoga for low B.P.


When you are caught with low B.P then you can have some of the symptoms like sensitivity to cold and heat, dizziness feeling at the time of standing or moving, lack of endurance, if stay for longer time then patient might go faint too and all that is just because of weakness in the body.


If you are having unhealthy foods or have irregular eating habits, suffering from stress, having medicines or low nutritious diet then it can drag you towards the problem of low B.P.

Changes required

Patient of low B.P should try practicing yoga along with making some changes in lifestyle and have low glycemic index foods as they are helpful to release sugar in blood. Also, try to have smaller meals at shorter gaps. You need to have sound sleep and maintain healthy eating habits and keep away from the atmosphere or things make you feel stressed.

Yoga Practices

When you are going to depend over yoga to fight with your health issues you need to do the poses on regular basis. So, try the below mentioned baba Ramdev yoga for low B.P.

Druta Utkatasana (Dynamic Squat Pose)

To practice this asana you need to stand with a feet foot apart. Keep your toes point a head. Your fingers should be pointed ahead and arms should be placed at shoulder level. Inhale and meanwhile go up on toes. Then after exhale and lower the hips as they are on rest on the heels. Slant a bit but be sure you should not lean ahead. Again inhale and stand up. This is known to be the completing of first round. You can repeat 10-12 counts then relax and release the pose by exhaling and lowering your arms down.


This specific yoga pose is helpful in keeping the blood sugar level under control and maintain the blood pressure as well. Even chronic issues can also be solved by practicing the same. Regular practice helps to tone down the overall body, gives sense of balance and enhances the mental stamina too.

Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

It is known to be one of the best yogas to manage low blood pressure. Even it is used as the warm up for other asana practices. To make practice, you should stand in crescent pose but keep a thing in mind that you have not to keep your neck so down as it would become dizziness cause.


It is helpful to give relief from health issues along with cleanse or fortify practices.